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Paging defectivegirl - RESOLVED

Apr 6, 2009

    1. I'm currently having huge problems with a transaction with defectivegirl and notices she had a similar problem before
      (this is kinda long, but i want the situation to be really clear, not just me rambling cause that would be unfair)

      after a pm echange I bought a sd10 boy body from her
      4 march: payment sent, she acknowledge it was received, promeses to ship on the next monday and give me the tracking number immediatly after that

      14march: no news. I sent a pm and she told me the parcel was ready for pick up, and that she would send me the tracking number as soon as the post gave it to her.

      19march: no news, pm from me. She tells me her fiance shipped it, and explains hat due to medical problems he is the one checking her pm, hence the lack of communication. No tracking number.
      I replie politely, tellling that she should have explained before and i would probably have worried less.

      23march: in reply she ask me if i "got her last pm" I tell her that i didn't get any since the 19th

      23 march: i sent a message and an email, thinking maybe she has problems with doa asking for that shipping number.

      28march: she sends me a mail, her mother was in an accident, she is not in town she will send the shipping number asap, and that he sould arrive on the next monday or tuesday

      >nothing up till now

      I've been promised a tracking number, the very night or the very next day ten times.
      I've now lost contact. I kinda feel bad because she seems to have personal problemes, but this doesn't change that this is an explensive body and that she disapointed me so many times that i don't know what to believe anymore.

      I've opened a paypal dispute on the 2nd of april if only to get a reaction from her, and i will have to transformit into a claim for my money back if i have no answer by the 20st

      Does anyone know any other means than pm and mails to contact her?

      I'm kinda desperate, out of a body out of 380 hard earned dollar and visibly out of a seller
    2. lorka ~ defectivegirl was last on the board 25MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with any contact or resolution.
    3. I finally received a mail from defective girl this morning. She explained she had been out of town and without the internet due to various personal problems. She also said that the parcel had returned to her and finaly gave me a new tracking number that i was able to check and the parcel is now in paris in custom.
    4. I've now received the body, and defectivegirl sent me a part of the promised refund, althought i'm still waiting on the other half, i think we can consider the issue resolved.
    5. lorka ~ It's probably best to NOT consider it resolved until it's fully resolved.
    6. lorka ~ Have you been reimbursed in full now?
    7. No news at all, and no replies to my emails still
    8. I finally received contact from defectivegirl, she told me that she send me a few messages before, who seemed to have gone lost, and that she had send the refund to the wrong adress. finally I received the second half of the refund, so this is finally closed.