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Paging defectivegirl - RESOLVED

Jan 10, 2010

    1. Hi all! I'm trying to get in contact with defectivegirl, I purchased (and paid for) a UD Rio head on the 28th of December and haven't heard from her since. I've pm'd her and e-mailed her through the gmail address that the payment went to. I also see she hasn't been online since the 28th at exactly the last time she sent her last pm to me >_< and that this sort of thing has happened before with her. Can someone either get the word out to her that I'm trying to contact her or get me another method of contact. I'd just like to know if the head has been sent yet and if not when it will be sent. Thanks in advance!
    2. siekatsubei ~ defectivegirl was last on the forum 28DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated!
    3. Can do! So far still no messages from her either here or through e-mail yet. I may open a paypal claim if I don't hear from her next week, I hate to do that though, I just really would like my head :sweat
    4. Looking at her email again there was a yahoo link so I've just e-mailed that one too on the off chance.
    5. Dang! I don't have an LJ account, could someone who does send her a quick note that she's being paged here?
    6. A really nice member and left a message on her LJ for me, thank you so much!
    7. Yay!! OK, I just got an e-mail from defectivegirl, apparently she just got married! She thought she had sent me a pm about it, but didn't and said she had sent the head not too long ago. It may be here by Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully this means that this has all been resolved and I'll keep this thread updated! ^_^
    8. Ok, no head so far, hopefully it'll be here on Saturday or I'll e-mail her again on Monday.
    9. Dang it! Still no head and I've e-mailed her again to see if theres DC or insurance on it so that I can track it.
    10. Ok, I'm officially fed up, she e-mailed me to say she was going to find the insurance number for me asap and that was on the 20th, I've heard nothing since then. If I don't get some proof of mailing by Monday I'm going to have to file a paypal claim.
    11. ARGH!!! I just got a call from my parents who got a box this morning. They opened it because it sounded like something was rolling around in there and it's the head!! It was loose in the box with two small sheets of bubble wrap (one wrapped around the head cap) and no tape >_< Luckily the head is undamaged, thank goodness he's alright!! I've got to double check it when I get home but it's looking like this is resolved, yay!
    12. Hah! And I forgot to mention it was sent on the 23rd of January via express >_<
    13. Don't forget to link back to this thread in defectivegirl's individual feedback thread!