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Paging defectivegirl - RESOLVED

Jan 26, 2010

    1. defectivegirl put my Heliot on a 60 day layaway.

      In early November 09....we exchanged PMs and agreed to a 60 day or less layaway plan.

      First payment was made on 11/16/09. $250.00 paid out of $925.00.

      Since then no contact.

      I have PM'ed and emailed. No response back. Saw the last time she was on DoA was 12/28/09.

      Any help in getting in touch with her would be appreciated. I'm not a member of LJ. Did note on her LJ front page about getting married but the ticker was down to 2 days before and now it shows 18 days.

      I'm pretty easy going but am getting frustrated with this.

      So I am posting here, sent another PM and sent another email to her yahoo.com email address.

      Content here....

      So any advice is appreciated.
    2. I just finished a problem transaction with defectivegirl and couldn't get an answer from her until a nice member here posted on her livejournal that she was being paged here. Her lj account is here: http://kesson-shojo.livejournal.com/
      Hope that helps!
    3. defectivegirl was last on the forum 28DEC. She is Being Paged again.
    4. UPDATE:

      I received an answer to my email!

      Apologies were given by defectivegirl for lack of communications/payments....reasons stated were....lack of internet, illness/marriage/death issues. Has no problem with transaction being cancelled and no offer to complete it.

      Partial refund of first payment will be made.
    5. defectivegirl contacted me again. She apologized and was not worried about any refund. She also attempted to gather the funds to finish the layaway but things didn't work out.

      I sent her the partial refund.

      This transaction is now over and resolved.