Resolved Paging diamondust - RESOLVED

Feb 7, 2012

    1. I'm opening this thread reluctantly but I really need to get in touch with diamondust. This isn't a negative page just yet! :)

      She took part in my Migma split and I still have her wings - we agreed that she could wait until after Xmas to send the shipping fees and I was quite happy with this as my local post office is a mess of fail, returning packages over Xmas and generally being useless so that worked out quite nicely really.

      She messaged me on the 5th of Jan to let me know she was ready to pay the shipping invoice and asked a question about the shipping method. I replied on the 7th with an answer (it took me a couple of days because of work) and then waited for her to message me back. Unfortunately I forgot to track the message but I just waited because I figured she was busy and I didn't want to nag her but it's been a month now and I'm growing concerned.

      She was last on the forum on the 30th of Jan and I PMed her again on the 2nd of Feb to find out where we were at as I really want to get the wings shipped out to her or re-sold if she's changed her mind. I'm happy to wait if there's a problem but I just need to know :sweat

      I can't actually ship them out until the end of this week even if she pays me right now, but I thought if I get the ball rolling and try paging her we might be able to sort something out by the time I get home.

      As resolution I would like diamondust to get in touch with me, even if just to let me know she's safe and needs more time before she can pay the shipping fees. If I don't hear from her within a reasonable time, let's say by the end of the month, that should be more than sufficient, then I'll refund her 50% of the cost of the wings ($45) and re-sell the wings. I've had these parts since November and everything else has been sent out already so I want to get this split finished ^^

      If any more info is needed please let me know and if anyone knows diamondust and can get hold of her for me I would greatly appreciate it! :) I just want to reiterate that this is NOT a bad page or a negative transaction, I'm just a tad concerned and am hoping that paging her will help bring her back! :)
    2. diamondust was last on the forum 29JAN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. diamondust has got in touch with me so this thread can be closed now, thanks! :)