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Resolved Paging Diana92 - RESOLVED

Apr 11, 2012

    1. I bought a doll from Diana92- on March 10th I send her 900 dollars (!) after she PMt me to send the item after the money has arrived and she would give me a tracking no. too.

      On March 13th I asked her if the money arrived at hers and for the shipping no. if she already send the doll, and she answered me on March 16th that she will ship him out soon.

      Since then I did not hear from her again. I wrote her several messages, because my money is gone and I do not even know if she really shipped the doll. But I looked up her profile and she has not been online ever since.

      Is there anyone around knowing what might be up and might help me because I am getting crazy already.

      Thx for the help

    2. Oh, I just saw that she was online on monday 9th april....
      but did not answer any of my messages
    3. Diana92 was last on the forum 9APR. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Diana92 was online yesterday, and did not reply to any of my messages.....again.
    5. Today, March 14th, I send her a message telling her that I will open a case on Paypal to get my money back if I do not hear from her soon.
      If the doll is shipped, and it arrives safely at mine, I will pay her again.
    6. I recieved a message from Diana92 today. Here is what she wrote me:


      I shipped the doll here's the number

      I'm so sorry for being extremely late! the post office were on a strike in all of *Kuwait and that delayed all my plans and messed up everything... and then they kept asking me to come at a later time to ship the dolls coz they still don't work fully.

      if it makes you feel better I'll give you full refund now.. and you can pay back when you get him.>>

      I think we can see this resolved?
    7. Please post when you have the doll in hand. Thank you.
    8. Today the doll arrived at mine and everything is okay with it.

      So we can see this as resolved.
      Thank you kindly!