Paging Diction - RESOLVED

Sep 22, 2008

    1. Hi, could a moderator page Diction for me, please? Alternatively, could one of her friends let her know about this thread?

      I contacted her on August 18th about a Leeke-L Luke head she was selling in the marketplace. After the usual correspondence about shipping and Paypal addresses, I sent her the money on August 19th.

      She got back to me on August 23rd about my shipping address, and said she'd send it "on Tuesday as Monday is a bank holiday". That would have been the 26th.

      On the 31st, she replied to a 'just checking' PM from me saying that there were problems transferring the money from Paypal to her bank account, and that she would refund me half the shipping. She also said that if I had to wait any longer than the week, she'd refund all the shipping cost. That was fine with me, and I let her know as much.

      It is now the 22nd of September. I PMed her on the 11th and 14th of September, with no reply. I tried checking her public DoA profile for any contact email, and couldn't find any.

      I just PMed her again about fifteen minutes ago, with the following message:

      "I'm PMing you to let you know I would like to back out on this sale; I think I've waited long enough for you to reply to me about the money transfer.

      If you haven't sent the head out, I'd like a full refund of all my money. If you have, then I'd like a refund of the shipping amount I paid you."

      Long story short, I've waited a month for one doll head, and I don't want to wait any more. I'd like my money back.

      I'll update this thread again once I get any response from her.
    2. Diction was last on the board 10SEP, she is now in the Unresolved Transactions group. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Diction has replied to my PM. Am glad to know she's ok; was worried. She'll be refunding me my money. I'll update again once I receive it.
    4. A refund has been made and acknowledged. This issue is now resolved. ^_^