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Paging Docshul - RESOLVED

Nov 30, 2009

    1. Back in August I decided to buy a doll a doll from Docshul- a Volks Rengemaru that she was selling back then. She offered to paint the doll's head and as I truly adore her style I decided to go for it. I asked her how much it would take to finish Rengemaru's face up and in response she promised to start painting him in the first place, before accepting any new commissions and so he would be ready in early October. Everything seemed to be going perfectly.

      I sent my first payment in September. It took me a bit longer (one week longer perhaps) to send her the second payment due to some health problems, but she just said it's ok. On October 10. the second (and the last) payment was sent. I got a confirmation and some great news, namely that she had already started painting my Rengemaru. When I asked about when I might expect to get some photos of the new face-up her answer was that she would send some by the end of October.

      Between October 13. and 28. I sent about 4 messages but none of them were replied to. Finally I got a message from her on November 1. in which I was told to wait 2-3 weeks longer. Apparently her hand got hurt and therefore she wasn't able to work on any face-ups for some time. As things like that just do happen I told her there was nothing to worry about, that I didn't mind waiting a bit longer.

      Around November 10. I visited her website just to browse some face-up pictures etc. What I noticed, though, was that since my last visit in September she had updated her portfolio with some more examples. As she promised to paint my doll first, before doing any other commissions, I was quite anxious.
      Then, she updated her website yet again with some pictures of her new Volks Michele with default Volks face-up which was just fine... but after some 2 or 3 days she posted pictures of her repainted Michele! I translated the note she posted along with these pictures using some web translator and it turned out that it was her who did the face-up! I decided to wait a bit longer until the agreed date.
      Quite expectedly, three weeks passed and I received no news from her.

      Now it's already December and I haven't heard from her for 4 weeks already. I know she deliberately ignored my PMs as I requested a read receipt for all of my PMs and apparently she did read all of them. Moreover, she kept 'bumping' her Unoa Sist sale thread.
      I sent her another two messages on Friday 27. and Sunday 29. but still haven't received any response.

      Just to note, I paid nearly $900 for this boy as I'd always dreamt of a doll with Docshul's face-up but in my worst expectations I didn't expect to be treated so unfairly and dishonestly.
    2. Docshul was last on the forum 28NOV. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. The same as Hazacz, I purchased Volks MSD Mihmi Fullset from Docshul. She offered to paint the head. I like her beautiful works very much and decided to go for it. At that time I was asking about 20 days layaway and she agreed. I was able to finish my layaway for just 15 days. Earlier than we have agreed.

      September 1, 2009: Sent first deposit $400 (+pp fee)

      September 15, 2009: Sent the balance. Completely finished my layaway.

      She replied and said the face up will be finished on October.
      Understood she's famous and must be fully loaded of works, I waited till October has ended.

      November 1, 2009: Sent PM asking about face up progression.

      She replied she was hurt and she wasn't able to work for 2-3 weeks
      I waited again till November is almost over (almost 4 weeks)

      November 29: Sent PM again asking about Mihmi face up progression but I haven't received any responses.

      I hope Docshul will let us know about the status ;)
    4. First of all, I'm very sorry for this problem..
      I have been extremely busy since I was out of work for so long because of my injury
      I have A LOT of work because of this, and not so much time
      in addition my very best friend in the world just got married, and what little time I did have I spent planning and helping her for her WEDDING!!!!!
      It's important because I can't read and write english well....
      My friend always helps me the translation from Korean to English..
      And She was on her honeymoon for the past couple of day....
      plus, some udated photos are old commissions that I've done which are not posted.
      Again, I'm very sorry about this..
      As you know, even I've got injured during days I need to do some paint work for pipos(company..)..
      But company work and commissions are different..
      A commission work needs more attension..(it's true!) cause every orders are diffent and I always do my best work for every commissions. (this is why I can only do very few..)
      I hope you forgive me ..... thank you !
    5. Well,just now I was wondering if docshul was online these days(because all my old PMs have no replies,too),so I searched all of her posts,and I saw this thread.

      I paid for 4 make-ups during the end of Oct. and I sent them out during the first of Nov.,then I PMed docshul.She told me that her finger was hurt so that she had to begin working in Dec.,and she said that my babies' heads were at post office,she would go to get them the day after that day.
      But then,I haven't received any PMs from her any more,though I sent again and again.Sorry for my disturbing.

      But dear docshul,I hope you could understand me^^
      I just want to know if my doll are safe(because many dolls were hurt during shipping,right?),and I was wondering if my dolls could come back home before middle of Feb.,that's chinese new year and I really hope that they could have a good time together with me,with our family.
      But if you really have lots of works to do before the make-ups for me,that's fine and I will be waiting always,it really doesn't matter,I just wish that you could tell me how are they by PMs,I want to get replies.

      Thank you sooooooo much for your understanding,and also for your carefully make-ups,I love your works most of all.
      Take good care of yourself.
      Thanks a lot!
    6. Hello^-^
      Send the PM to you!
      Everythings are fine now. I've kept your babies safely and I can send them on next week.
      Thank you!
    7. <<< upper quote is for "Hyesin"
    8. I've received the finished pictures from Docshul. I am extremely happy and satisfied with her beautiful works!! Thank you for your hardworking :daisy
      I'll mark this case is closed/resolved after receiving the tracking number.
    9. I've received the package today! Everything is perfect! The doll is very beautiful with the touch of Dochsul's handwork! I believe she's the most beautiful Volks MSD Mihmi I've ever seen! :love
      Thank you very much!
      For my side this case is RESOLVED HAPPILY !!! :daisy
    10. I have received my doll safely so I consider the case as being resolved happily. ^^
    11. HyeSin ~ Have you reached resolution yet?
    12. My babies haven't come back yet,I'm still waiting for their pictures.
      I think she's busy with new year days,it doesn't matter and I'm still waiting^^
      Thanks a lot!
    13. I've already got them!
      They are soooo pretty!!!
      Thank you so much!!!