Paging dodgerscrubs - RESOLVED

Jul 9, 2008

    1. On 06/28 I sent payment to dodgerscrubs for an SD13 ivory headband, since sending payment I have received no communication from her. I sent a confirmation pm after my payment and then on 07/04 I sent an email to her paypal address, with no reply. She has wonderful feedback, I’m just starting to worry, and I’d just really like to know if she has sent out my item. Thank you.
    2. I'm also waiting on contact from dodgerscrubs. I bought a few MSD items over a month ago and unfortunately was sent SD items instead, so I requested to trade for the proper size. The last PM I received from her was on 6/14. I still have not heard from her and recently sent another PM regarding the exchange.
    3. Any information on dodgerscrubs? I sent her another pm this morning. Could her status be taken off invisible please?
    4. dodgerscrubs is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum 3JUL. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    5. Just letting everyone know, I've received a PM from dodgerscrubs last night.
      It was not about an out standing order though. I sent her a PM ordering stuff from her.
      I'll let her know that she's being paged.
    6. I received a PM from dodgerscrubs as well about sending out my new items. ^^
    7. dodgerscrubs has contacted me also, my item has been mailed. I will post back here when it arrives.
    8. Has there been any resolution in these transactions?
    9. I'm still waiting on my items to arrive, so not quite yet on my side.
    10. My item has now arrived.
    11. I still have not received my replacement items, despite it being over a month since she said she sent them. I sent her a PM requesting a refund instead if they don't arrive by the end of this week, but I doubt I'll get a reply as she hasn't been on DoA in over a month. Now I'm not quite sure what I should do.
    12. kei i'll leave her a msg on msn for u XD
    13. Thank you Kagari, your message must have gotten to her! I received my replacement items today. The package was dated Aug. 26th.

      However, she never put her return address on the package, so I don't know where to send back the items to. =/ I'll be sending her another PM about that.