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Paging DollfieFashionIsland - RESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

Jul 20, 2009

    1. Ok, I've never done this before but here it goes..:)..I'm trying to get a hold of or get a response actually from DollfieFashionIsland.
      I posted a WTB thread mid June for a DZ Girl NS Body. I was contacted by DollfieFashionIsland, that she had one available, she gave me details and price, and so we worked out a short layaway.
      On July 10th I paid the body off, and contacted DollfieFashionIsland that i did so, this is when communication started drifting off. I hadn't heard from her for awhile, then i got a pm apologizing and said that the body would be shipped of the "next monday". that monday came and went and so i pm'd again, she again was apologetic and stated that the body was in China, and that her shipper had been unavailble to ship the last couple of days..(?!?!) I was confused as I thought the body was in California the whole time:doh.. she then stated that the body would be shipped out via EMS from China at the end of last week, i was very understanding and asked if there was an EMS tracking number on Friday the 17th, as I'm familiar with EMS shipping, but I got no response.
      On Sunday, yesterday actually the 19th, I logged on and saw that she had logged on Saturday, after my last message, but I had received no response.
      So Yesterday, I sent another pm asking for the status of the body and if it had been shipped yet. I logged on Today, saw that she had logged on early this morning, and still no response, then just couple of hours ago i actually saw that she was on line again, and still no response to either of my inquires.. so that's the story..i feel bad having to do this..she's a really nice individual and is willing to work with u...but im getting no communication or shipping notices or tracking numbers.....thanks
    2. NxDLamb ~ DollfieFashionIsland was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Ok, So seeing how DollfieFashionIsland had logged in twice after being paged with no response and seems to be now BANNED, I have taken the initiative to file a Paypal claim for the payments made for the body...:(
    4. I'm wondering if I have to make a claim as well since I currently have a transaction with DollfieFashionIsland as well atm, though she as been able to respond to my PMs but now that she's banned I can't get any updates with this one problem I'm having with my order. (Right body, wrong skin tone and was in the middle of fixing it.) :(

      Is there any way to get in contact with her know if her hotmail is an email she uses for email or is it another address? I'm very curious to know.
    5. I know I'm not having problems with her (or I am but it is more of a confusion point than anything - doll was received before layaway finished yet she says my doll is in her posession and ready to be shipped). However, when she last contacted me, it was via the same email she uses for paypal. Though I've not been getting replies either, maybe you could try that method of contacting her instead? Or via her ebay maybe?
    6. I was able to get in touch with her last night through her hotmail (which upon checking, is her paypal address. lol). So that's good news. :)
    7. that's awesome that u can actually get her to reply!! i think i might try that route to see if i can get a hold of her!! :)
    8. Thanks a lot for the link Sims. That would explain why she's banned.

      Luckily what I ordered was a AOD body and I'm allowed to talk to the dealers, AOD (they have her as an authorized retailer); which I have to help clear up my problem that's going on. <:
    9. okie..i shot her an email to her paypal addy..lets hope she responds!!
    10. She's okay for AOD dolls right? I mean they do have her listed as one of their sellers which I did check before I bought one.
    11. BatLoverGirl ~ Please familiarize yourself with our rules - we don't allow chat or non-topic posts in the Feedback. If you have ordered from this seller through a thread on THIS FORUM ONLY and are experiencing a negative transaction, then you may post into this thread. Just worrying about your order isn't reason enough to post here. I'm not trying to sound harsh, just factual. We need to keep these threads on-topic.
    12. ok..so i wrote an email to DFI, and she did respond..she was very apologetic although didnt explain what had happened...She issued me a full refund, which at this point i was more than greatful!!.. so i guess this case is resolved.....DFI really is a nice person, but i dont know quite what is going on with her business practices....im just glad all is finished with my case..:)