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Paging dope_hat - RESOLVED

Nov 4, 2008

    1. Well, I hate we've come to this point, but my PM's and emails haven't been answered.

      Back in Sept I purchased and paid for a Puki faceplate and eyes from dope_hat.
      When I contacted her on Oct. 14 about when and how the package was sent, she responded, saying that she didn't realize that I had paid her, and would sent the stuff out in 2 days.
      Since then, I haven't received my package, and, she hasn't answered my PM or email. She also hasn't posted here on DOA since Oct 22.

      dope_hat where are you??
    2. I have pm'd you sbck.
    3. I sent the Puki items yesterday First Class to you, and I've issued the refund. I hope you receive them both.
    4. Items Received today! Thank you dope_hat