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Paging Dragocorn

Jun 17, 2012

    1. Dragocorn responded to my Conie sales thread a while back. There were funny mishaps between the two of us, but it was all working out nicely until a few weeks ago... I have not heard anything back from Dragocorn since 05/25/2012 in which she sent me a message that I replied to twice. Once on the day of the message and an updated inquiry about a week ago (06/07). I have heard nothing back yet.

      The way the conversation had gone...I'm worried that something is wrong with Dragocorn. I am not so much concerned with the sale (although it would be nice to know if I am getting paid and can ship or if I should just re-list my doll). I hope she is okay and that I hear from her soon.

      Thank you.
    2. Members cannot be "paged" for flakey transactions. If you have the pm proof that she did agree to buy, you may leave "flakey feedback" in her feedback thread.