Unresolved Paging Duckie Nya

May 14, 2009

    1. I commissioned a necklace and bracelet and Duckie said she had finished them and wanted to confirm my shipping address and that was on 3/1/09; I paid for them and have sent three pm's asking if they had been shipped, but still nothing. I hope she is ok and it bothers me to have to go this route to find out the status.:( She seems to have been off-line since 3/10/09.
    2. duckie nya is now Being Paged, however 9MAR was the last time this member was on the forum.
    3. I'm here! A friend linked me to this thread. Leeloo, I'll PM you right away to get this worked out.
    4. Thanks so much! Glad you are ok and I replied to your PM.:)
    5. Updates? Thanks!
    6. Still have not received items even though they were found and promised to be mailed. Might as well close it and call it unresolved.