Paging Dust!

Apr 22, 2010

    1. I'm really worried about this girl, since I haven't heard from her in almost two years already. .__. I really hope that nothing has happened to her.

      This all actually happened in finnish bjd forum Hartsilapset, but as Dust is registered in DoA too, I thought that I might as well open a paging thread, if someone here would actually know something about her.

      Dust commissioned me to paint her MSDoll ws head back in August 2008.
      By the time, we had problems with PM's going back and forth because of the bug problem in Hartsilapset. Some of the Pm's went trough, and some didn't. I still managed to send her the faceup pictures, and she approved the head. ( The PM problem was solved in a month or so in our forum, so nowadays our PM's are running smoothly )
      In the same PM she stated that she is moving to england and she would study there for few years. She also gave me her new address.

      Because of the Pm problem, my PM box went full, and I accidentally deleted her Pm where she stated her new address. I PM'ed her back immediately, and asked her to re-send the address to me, and promised to send her the head as soon as I've got the address.

      After all this, I lost connection to this girl fully. I send her many PM's asking how she was doing, and also asking her address over and over again.
      When time passed by, I started to give up, and thought that she will get back to me, because her Pm box might be full after all my PM's, and when I started to wait, I then forgot the whole thing.
      By this time, she never replied to my PM's.

      In 2009 I remembered the case again, and send her new PM.
      By the time, she had logged in to Hartsilapset back in February 2009, but had not answered my PM's.

      Time goes by, and few months ago I re-sent her PM asking her address, but she has not logged into Hartsilapset, and not in DoA either.

      I put up a public paging thread to Hartsilapset in March 2010,
      that I'm trying to get ahold of this girl, so I can send the head back to her.
      I got a PM from another user, who gave me her phonenumber. She stated that she got this number before Dust went to England, and she wasn't sure that is this number anymore Dust's. I sent her a text message asap, but she never replied back to me. .__.

      If anyone knows about this girl, please do tell her that I still have her MSDoll head, and I would love to send it back to her!

      Also, I'm a bit puzzled that what should I do, if she never contacts me?
      I've had the head already two years, and I really don't have the heart to sell this, because I still concidern it to be her property.
    2. This member was last on the forum in December of 2008! It's pretty doubtful that she's coming back. We can leave this thread open in case a member who has information is willing to share it with you via PM only. Best of luck.
    3. I thought so too, that she might not come back, but I wrote this in hopes that someone in here might know her, and would tell her to contact me. ._.

      Should I also make a timeline? That if she doesn't contact me, let's say in 4 months after this paging thread was opened, should I claim the head to be mine? I saw this happened in someone else's paging thread.
      I really don't need to own this head, and I'm keeping all my hopes up to send this pack to it's rightfull owner, but what if she never contacts me? How long should I actually wait? I've waited for two years already without any response. .__.

      Thank you Zagzagael for your time for possibly helping me with this.
      I'm really clueless what to do, as this has not happened to me earlier.