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Paging Dustys_Girl92 - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Jul 4, 2011

    1. I'm sorry to do this an i hope to solve it soon.
      I've done 4 bulesque outfits in SD size for Dustys_Girl92.
      I've keept her update during all the commission process and i've always get her responses quickly.
      The job is finished, has been big and very detailed you can see final results here
      burlesque commission forDustys_Girl92
      In one of her last messages on 21th of june she told me that she was going to pay me after a week on monday(so 27th of june).
      I've asked her adress to prepare the envelope, so when payment recived i can ship quickly.
      She sent me her adress on 22 of june....and i haven't heard her yet anymore.
      I know that nothing has been shipped out, but i've really done a lot of job for this commission used lot of materilas that i've payed and a lot of time and patience.
      So i think that i deserve at least an answer.
      If someone knows her in person can please tell me if something bad happened her in life, 'cause I've started to be worried.
      If I'll not recive answer, news that explain me why she disappeared or payment from her in few days I'll consider this commission lost, so i'll leave negative feedback and put outfits avaliable for anyone who can be intersted.
      Hope really that Dustys_Girl92 is good and safe, and the same for her family and friends and nothing bad happen to her and that the matter will solved in peace.
      I feel very unconfortable to do this, i do not take commission to become rich, but the job i've done for her has been long, detailed and required lot of time, so i hope she'll undersatn why i'm doing this.
      maybe the next time I'll aske money in advance...I don't usually do it...but i'm starting thinking on.
    2. Dustys_Girl92 was last on the forum 25JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I am alive, just lost everything in the moving process. I have replied to all messages that have been sent my way.
    4. I recived Dustys_Girl92's message and first of all I'm happy to know she's safe. She's having trouble with moving and we're tryi'n to find an agreement to solve the matter. As I told her in my last message I'm reasonable person that experienced that somethimes lifes hurt and something bad can happen to anyone.
      I agreed to wait untill monday and I told her that if she can't afford all the clothes she ordered I can sell them to her partially and try to sell the rest. I've asked her to try to keep in contact here.
      atm that's all.
    5. Dustys_Girl92 was supposed to contact me yesterday to tell me if she would have been finally able to pay the commission or not.
      No messages came from her. I've done my best to be kind and try to find an accomodation that can be good for both...but no news at the moment. As i said before I don't like to be bad or think bad about her...'cause I really know inconveniences may happen in life and the only thing i ask is a clear respones... if she's had trouble and she can't afford commission she asked me I prefer to know and try to sell outfit in another way... I think is better to know things clearly instead of waiting for responses that don't come. She told me she has problem to keep in contact due to the moving...but I think that in 2011 is quite easy to find point to access for a internet connection... here in Italy technologies are not so advanced...but even in the small town where i live there are a lot of pub and cafe with a free internet access...I suppose that in USA is not so uneasy to find a it access...if I go wrong please tell it to me.
    6. Concerning this situation I toke my decision and I consider the thing closed. I've been waiting for a clear answer that has't come yet, and I'll not wait anymore.
      I'm gonna leave Dustys_Girl92 my negative feedback and try to sell outfits in other ways...and once again I'm really sorry to do that. maybe atm she's got more important things in life to think about other than my commission.....but I can say the same for me...instead putting toghether a costume with a ton of beads I could have been use my time for something else...so my time has lost and in total has been about a month of work!XD
      I'll remeber this in my future commissions and change my policies to make things like this will happen no more.
      Thanks to everybody for your attention. I consider this question closed in a bad way.