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Paging Dutchess - RESOLVED

Jul 21, 2010

    1. Hi Junkets!

      I am in the midst of a transaction with the user Dutchess for the purchase of an Iplehouse EID Jessica. I am rather sure that she is the owner of this doll, but this has been the progression of the transaction:

      1) No pictures, and when pictures were requested, it took a while for the pictures to come in with "lost my cable" reasons.
      2) When payment was to be sent, she sent various email addresses for me to send the payment to, citing that she hadnt had her own account verified and had opened a joint account with her boyfriend for her to share, but the emails do not match, nor will she answer any questions about who Michaol Pereplootchuk is, whose name was on the account.
      3) Now that I have sent her questions about this account and expressed my own nervousness about this, she isnt answering my PMs. She was on today, so shes had an opportunity to read my emails of concern, but as a seller...chose not to answer them.
      4) She does not have any feedback at all though she has been a member since 2005, though I have spoken to one user who sold a doll to her. There were minor paypal issues there as well.

      I have sent full payment for the doll totaling $565. I would like communication at the very least.
    2. I have made attempts to phone the user to no avail. The number was provided by another user who had a transaction with her. - July 16/17
    3. Dutchess was last on the forum 19JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Still no word. Seems like I will need to file an Internet Fraud report if I do not hear anything within the next few weeks.
    5. Filed a paypal account and paypal has attempted to contact user to no avail. Background research has proven that this girl still is in posession of the doll.

      Internet Fraud Case and NJ local police will be contacted at appropriate time.
    6. I have sent an email to all the email addresses she has provided me urging her to respond within the following week before I escalated the matter officially to the IC3 (Internet Fraud Complaints) to bring charges. Large amounts of information have been collected about this individual to submit to her local authourities.
    7. Dutchess has gotten back in contact with me and we are attempting to begin working things out. I will maintain constant updates in this thread until this has been resolved. Thank you!
    8. I have replied to Rogue.

      My lack of communication was caused by an unexpected admittance to the hospital.
      I was completely unprepared and had no phone or contact with anyone to get onto the computer for me.
      I have shipped the package.
      The first payment was received the 17th, and the second on the 20th.
      The package was shipped today, the 23rd.
      And am very sorry for any worry I had caused!
    9. The transaction has resumed and Dutchess has provided me with a tracking number for the package. She explained her sudden lack of communication, which came at a very inopportune time, as I had some worries she hadn't had the opportunity to respond to. Now that communication has resumed things appear to be moving along very well.
    10. I just wanted to update this thread to say that the matter has been most happily resolved. We have made amends over the issue, and it finished. I have recieved the doll. Thanks to everyone who showed concern.