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Resolved Paging-- Ebi - RESOLVED

Dec 18, 2011

    1. I hate to have to do this, but as Ebi has read the messages I have sent but not replied to them, I feel like I have no choice:

      I recently purchased a Shinydoll body from Ebi. She sent out a package immediately. However, she sent the wrong package. I received a Volks head early Tuesday morning (December 13) and apparently my Shinydoll body was sent to the person who should have received the head.

      Ebi contacted me Tuesday to ask me to send the head on to its rightful owner-- she sent money through paypal to cover shipping, tracking and insurance. I repacked the head in a new box, as its original box was severely dented, and replaced the paper towel wrapping the head with bubble wrap. Then I took time off work to make sure the head was shipped out that same day. I PM'd ebi with the tracking and insurance numbers that same day.

      According to the tracking info the head I sent on arrived this Thursday December 14. However, I have yet to receive tracking information or even a confirmation that the Volks head owner shipped the Shinydoll body to me. I have sent ebi two emails asking for this info-- one on Thursday, which the board software says was read, and another one on Friday, to which I attached a read receipt. Ebi has visited the forum at least four times since I posted the first inquiry. I am at a loss to understand why she hasn't replied to me.

      I would ask the person who received the shinydoll body directly, but I only know her real name, not her DOA screen name, and obviously it's not appropriate to post her real name here.

      I would like ebi to tell me if the Volks head owner did indeed ship the body on to me, when this occurred. Additionally I would like to know the tracking number and insurance information. I completely understand that the package may be delayed due to the holiday rush. However, without knowing either way, I am beginning to get worried. Was it sent parcel post instead of priority?

      Thanks in advance, ebi!
    2. Ebi was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Ebi sent me a PM with a tracking number. Apparently the person who got the Volks head didn't send my body out until Friday.
    4. Doll arrived in great shape, so this thread can be closed. Many thanks!