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Unresolved Paging: Effigy - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jun 5, 2011

    1. I first commissioned Effigy for a MSD costume on 3-1-11. It's now 6-5-2011. I sent multiple messages, and after a few weeks was given a response about a hospital stay, and progress pictures would be sent to me the following day.

      That never happened. I'm somewhat frustrated.
    2. Effigy was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Still no response from Effigy.
    4. Still nothing from Effigy.
    5. I am also involved in a trade with Effigy. I have got used to the long wait times between PM updates, but inspired by this thread I will contact them again.
    6. Three months is a little outrageous on a commissioning. I'm very patient, but damn!
    7. No response yet from Effigy.
    8. I've had no response from Effigy either.
    9. effigy last returned to the forum 11JUN.
    10. Effigy was informed of the thread via a phone call of a friend, and still hasn't responded.
    11. Still nothing from Effigy. What sort of resolution would you like for this, Karighan? Have you already paid Effigy for the commission?

      I'm trading two dolls for two outfits from Effigy. The dolls have been packed and ready to ship for some time at this point. I would really prefer to get this trade completed and receive the outfits, I do not want to keep the dolls and have been ready to send them off.
    12. I have already paid him, and still haven't received any kind of contact.
    13. Effigy returned last on 12JUN.
    14. Effigy was last on the forum 13JUN.
    15. Still nothing!
    16. I have sent Effigy an email today letting him know that my preferred resolution is to continue with our trade (my two Soulkids for two hand-made rockabilly-style SD10 dresses by Effigy) I asked him to return to DoA to read the Paging Thread and contact myself and Karighan.
    17. I have had a PM from a friend of Effigy letting me know that he is still aware of this thread.
    18. Please could Effigy's friends remind him he has outstanding transactions on DoA? If anyone has contact details for Effigy could they please PM them to me.

      I am increasingly worried about Nick as our transaction has been dragged out for so long and Karighan has also not had any resolution. I am aware he has moved home for health reasons, if those health reasons are preventing him from accessing DoA, please could one of his friends update me (or another moderator, if you feel that my interest is not objective)

      We need to get a resolution for these outstanding transactions and I'm concerned that Effigy is unwell or incapacitated in some way.
    19. My transaction with Effigy is over. I have emailed him to inform him of this and have had no response to this, or any of my previous emails. I'm disappointed that a transaction with such a positive start ended this badly.