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Unresolved Paging EGLovecraft

Nov 8, 2007

    1. I see she hasn't been on DOA since the 13th of last month, but, hey, this might help.

      I sent off my Sabik head to her on the 12th of October for a faceup. Since then, I have sent a few PM's and Emails, gathering no response. All I want to do is make sure that she got my head. I'm perfectly content to wait for the makeup if life's thrown her a curveball.

      If anyone knows her, could they please ask for her to give me an update and make sure that she received my head? I'm more than a little worried.
    2. I tried looking her up on another forum, but she's changed her name and I don't know what it is, sorry. Is she registered on Resinaltiy or ZoZ or Prego (I think that's the other doll board)? Even the Pinky St. board, I think there's alot of overlap between here and there.
    3. She's got an LJ account, and I know she is having some personal problems but nothing that would make her physically incapable of responding to email.
    4. Her last post on DoA was on 9/22
      I've beem emailing her since the beginning of september about a head I bought from her that I have not rec'd. It was a head she was getting in a split and I know she rec'd that head on ~9/15 and was supposed to send it to me as soon as she got it. She last pm'd me on 9/8 telling me it would be on the way.
      I have heard nothign from her at all. From the end of september until now I have sent several pms and emails and none have been answered.
      I contacted someone who lives near her and they passed along a message with my address (in case she lost it and didn't have internet access), and still no head has shown up :(
      I keep pm'ing and emailing, but I'm getting a bit frustrated ans concerned now. I can't inagine anything that would keep her from responding for 2 whole months, since I have heard she is ok.
    5. Are you sending the emails through the DOA linky button thing? I tried sending one to the email listed in her profile straight through my Gmail, and it came back as being unable to send. (The kathooloo@hotmail.com one, unless I SERIOUSLY fail at copy and paste or something.)
    6. yes. it didn't get returned so I assume it went through.
      I've sent probably 20 pms in the past 2 months. She's just not answering.
    7. I bought a School C head from her at the end of August and she was just lovely and sent the head super fast so I'm rather surprised that she has now gone MIA. I really hope everyone is able to get their items!

      I don't know how the rest of you paid her, but the PayPal email addy I sent payment to was not a yahoo one but a gmail one. I don't know if the PayPal gmail one I used will get a response from her, but if anyone currently involved in a transaction PMs me I'd be happy to share it with them if they don't have it. :) (I'd post it here but I'm not sure if that is against the rules or not. ^_^;; )

      Good luck everyone!
    8. oops sorry, I mean the one I had is gmail not hotmail! ^_^;;
    9. I've got two email addresses for her from when she bought a kit from me, the gmail one is her PP address, and she also used the halogentwilight address for communications.

      Last time she logged in here was October 14 2007. It's not surprising that she disappeared so suddenly, as what took place was a very sudden and unexpected event. I am not trying to excuse her lack of action or communication and I am not close with this person, but please try to understand that she is going through a difficult time. I hope we are able to pool together resources to get in touch with EGLovecraft as soon as possible.
    10. twigling, what I did was look through this forum to find the original split purchase and contacted that person. The info I got was that she definitely rec'd the head (her part of the split, which she sold to me - it was a ws Lati Yern).
      That member was able to give me the name of another member that EGlovecraft is friends with, and lives near. I pm'd her and she told me of the troubles. She also passed along a message and relayed back to me that she my head was being sent. That's the last I heard and that was 2 weeks ago now and still nothing.
      Besides PMs, I've tried the email link in her DoA profile, I went to her website listed in her profile and sent email to the contact there, and also to her paypal email. No response on all 4.

      I know that up until recently she has been a reliable buyer/seller. And I understand that she has had some serious difficulties. But I cannot imagine why in 2 months she has not either contacted me or mailed the head.
    11. Yeah I'm having trouble with her too! I bought a minifee vamp elf Shiwoo head and haven't received it. I've even called her! (If you have a legit claim and need her phone# pm me) But the best I've been able to do is leave her a voicemail. I just know I haven't received my head yet! I'd just like to know if she mailed it or not.
    12. I hope nothing horrible has happened, I've been worried about her for a while now. I know that there was some terrible shock in her personal life, but I really hope it hasn't affected her permanently, and that she's atleast still in one piece.. D:

      I've had no transaction with her (so far), but I was befriending her over LJ. I only knew her briefly, I think this shock she's suffered has been something that she has no control over, it might even have forced her to move or something worse.

      I have faith in her, and I think she's not being uncommunicative out of malice, I really hope that all these transactions work out okay. :(
    13. Her SN on Resinality is Kathooloo, but she hasn't been there since the 27th of September. She's definately not jerking around your backs, I think there's something seriously wrong.. ;_;
    14. I don't believe it's malice either, But it has been over 2 months of MIA and no contact. Unless she's in a coma somewhere (which I don't think is the case, since I've heard from a couple of people privately what the problem is).
      Even if she has bad stuff going on in her life, even if she had to move, even if she doesn't have her own computer.... surely there's a way to get online somewhere (library, friend, etc), and contact those she has already accepted money from. Just doing nothing and hiding is the problem.
    15. anyone have any luck yet? I left a voicemail message but no reply.
    16. I spoke with her about... a week ago friday. She said that she hadn't received my head before real life decided to take a good old swing at her. So, I went to the post office, had them check the insurance number, and, bam, it was still there. So, I texted her to let her know it was still there, so could she try and pick it up.

      Still no knews from her today. I've tried two different numbers for the Norfolk Post office, and neither of them are in service (Unless I'm having a dislexic moment)

      This is the second head I've had that went out for a comission, and then kind of went missing when the person went of DOA, and it"s really left a sour taste in my mouth on the whole comissioning business. I just want my Norny back home.
    17. well, ignore that. I was just having a dyslexic moment. Okay, a phone stupid moment (Four tries to dial one number. Nice job, Jeanemon.)

      My package was still there, so I don't know if she never got my text, or what. But my part in this is closed, providing I still get the package, and it was mind that I just sent back. Hopefully it was. Or else I screwed up something for them there. XD (But I think I scared the poor guy I got over the phone when I nearly broke down in tears when he said he still had the package there. And the nearly minute straight of thanking.)

      I'll update when it gets here.
    18. well I left 3 voicemail mesages over the past week and she has not reponded to me at all yet.
    19. I still haven't received my MNF Vamp Shiwoo head! I did speak to her and she said she'd send it ovenight when she got paid but it's been about 2 weeks since I spoke to her nad gave her my address and no head yet...
    20. I can't even get her to reply. Dozens of emqils and pms, several voicemails.... still nothing. I can't understand why she has not found some way to contact me - I've been trying for over 2 months