Paging Elemental - RESOLVED

Jul 11, 2008

    1. May 8th: I ordered a wig from Elemental, and payed for it on the 12th. At this point she said she'd contact me in 21 days.

      June 17th: I've heard nothing from her, so I sent her a PM. She never replied to it.

      June 28th: Elemental updates her commission thread saying that she'll respond to PM's "shortly"

      June 6th: I still hadn't heard anything, so I sent her another PM, and then again on the 9th.

      At this point I'd like an update on what's going on with my order or to know why Elemental isn't responding to any PM's. I'm certainly not making any accusations toward Elemental as a person, but I am a little frustrated and would just like to know what's going on.
    2. ^_^ Just got back online today (I was out in LA for Anime Expo for the week) and have contacted you. Your wigs are packed and ready to hit the mail tomorrow.
    3. Elemental's just sent a PM and it seems that things will be sorted out.
    4. Zankoku ~ Has there been resolution to this?
    5. Yes, sorry for the delay in responding. The wig arrived promptly and the whole situations been smoothed out.