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Paging Elemental - RESOLVED

Jul 24, 2008

    1. I bought 3 wigs in May 2008 and i received a reply saying I would be contacted once the wigs were sent. Elemental never got back to me despite my PMs, but eventually, end of June, she posted on her thread that the wigs had been shipped. Several people received but i didn't. I PMed her many many times with no answer, it was very hard to get hold of her.

      I finally got a reply once i mentioned i would have to post a negative feedback if she didn't get back to me. She PMed me saying the wigs probably got lost cos she posted them in May. She asked for the order again and after another couple of weeks (and again PMs and PMs from my end) she said they were posted again.

      Over a week ago i received an empty envelope from the postman with a letter from the Royal Mail saying the contents of the envelop had been lost. I called the postal service straight away and they advised me to contact the sender so they could issue a clain through the Canadian postal service. Since then i've been trying to get hold of Elemental. Posting in her thread, sending PMs, emails and nothing.

      The problem was that the wigs were sent in a normal brown envelope (for letters) which didn't even have the edges taped. The glue went try and the envelope opened. I explained everything in my email to her and i really don't know what to do anymore.

      I hate doing this as everyone is very happy with her work. But i feel that i should do something considering i paid $45 as soon as i got a confirmation of my order in the begining of May and not only is semi-impossible to contact her but it was also reckless of her part to ship 3 9" wigs in suck envelope.

    2. Elemental was last on the forum 18JUL, she is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. UPDATE

      Elemental has emailed me. She contacted the post office in Canada and they said a claim takes 3 months and money back is not garanteed. She suggested i paid half the postage and she would try sending it for the 3rd time or i could just wait the 3 months.

      I went for the sharing because better try again than have nothing in the end. I asked her to send me a payment request through paypal. I haven't yet received the request.
    4. Saaya-chan ~ Have you had any resolution yet?
    5. Unfortunatelly not. Elemental got in touch via email saying she would be shipping the wigs but would stop working for a while due to health problems. Since then i received no further notification or wigs.
    6. This is Elena from Spite & Malice. Elemental recently passed the wig-making duties onto me, as she had to stop taking orders (and severely curb her internet access) last July due to health problems.

      This page was brought to my attention when I re-opened Spite & Malice near the beginning of November, and I've since contacted Saaya-chan to resolve the issue. A new order is already on its way out and we both hope to hear of its successful arrival very soon.
    7. Elena looked after this issue are resolved it quite quickly. The wigs arrived and everything is alright now. ^_^

      Please, close/delete/resolve this thread.

      Thank you!