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Paging Elysion Gear - RESOLVED

Mar 9, 2009

    1. I was commissioned to making some graphics for Elysion Gear and we agreed on a payment. I finished her grapics (a signature and banner for ads) a week ago for approval. They accepted and I sent then my paypal address and I never recieved payment. And it's been over a week and I haven't heard anything from them.

      I'm not mad, but I would like to know what's going on.
    2. avacado ~ Elysion gear is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. You should have just sent me a PM I do not appreciate being Paged like this.
      I have sent you your payment via paypal. and I will leave you feedback to reflect upon this.
    4. Payment had been sent, please acknowledge.

      Next time, PM me, don't page me, if you want to leave a message. I'm online every day but I do forget some things. A PM would have been better then Paging me.

      Your last PM was a week ago. why haven't you tried to leave a PM? My inbox wasn't full.
    5. I got the payment thank you. I gave you over a week to send me payment and I didn't hearing anything from you. I've been commissioned before and didn't have people pay and I've PMed them and never got a response from them.