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Paging Emberens - RESOLVED

Aug 27, 2010

    1. I purchased a Soom Amber for $1000 on a three month layaway from Emberens, who responded to my WTB thread in the MP. I paid off the layaway in under one month and Emberens confirmed the payments each time, including the final payment sent two weeks ago. I haven't heard anything from her since despite attempts to contact her via Den of Angels and e-mail. Her e-mails are also unclear as to whether the doll is currently in her possession or Dybbuk's (for aesthetics) or if parts are with both.

      I will be opening a Paypal dispute tomorrow if I do not hear from Emberens, which I fully intend to drop if/when this gets cleared up. However, I am not willing to just let this go unchallenged in Paypal while I wait for word from Emberens.
    2. Emberens has now contacted me. This will be ready to be marked as resolved pending one more piece of information.
    3. This has been happily resolved so please feel free to lock mods... And thanks for this section of the MP!