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Resolved Paging Emeraldwings - RESOLVED

Feb 15, 2012

    1. I really hate to do this as her communication is normally wonderful, but I've been attempting to get a hold of her for the past two weeks. She has been very sweet and appreciative of my patience which is why I was so hesitant to do this originally. There were situations out of her control which I understood, especially around the holidays, so I knew there would be delays. Her work is wonderful but at this point I am concerned because it's been over a month without any communication.

      I commissioned her for a face up, body blush and fantasy part blush back in October. She received my tiny on 11/9. The last communication I had with her was back on 1/12 where he appeared to be almost done in terms of the face up, body blush and his fantasy parts appeared to be almost complete. I sent her a PM on 2/6 and got no response to that (I also thought she had had him for 4 months at this point, but on reviewing my PMs it had only been 3, I'm sorry :( ). I sent her a follow up PM and an email to her Paypal email on 2/12 hoping that it had just been a matter of a lost PM on 2/6. I also sent the same PM on 2/13 through the email the user feature on her profile, just in case. Unfortunately I have not heard back from her from any of these attempts at communication. At this point I would like to know a) she's okay because I've never seen such a delay in communication and b) when my tiny will be finished. I've been trying to be patient because she has always been good at responding to my questions and taking lots of pictures, but now I'm very worried. :( Hopefully we can get this straightened out! :aheartbea
    2. Emeraldwings was last on the forum 2FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi sweetie!!!! I sent you a PM. Your boy will be finished this week :) I apologize a hundred times over for the disappearance.
    4. Got the PM and replied. Will update again once I get a tracking number/my little faun home :aheartbea Thanks so much!
    5. Little sweetie made it home safe ;)
    6. Please close the thread :) Everything has been happily resolved! :aheartbea