Resolved Paging EriChanHime - RESOLVED

Nov 3, 2011

    1. I did a split with her for a Soom Zinc..she told me she received the package and everything went fine. However, she agreed that I could paypal her money to ship the small resin brain back to me because I have the head. I paypaled her the money 10/10/11 and she told me she would send it out.

      Here's a list of PMs:

      She said on 10/10/11:
      Quote Originally Posted by EriChanHime
      Hi! Yep, he technically came in Friday, but I couldn't get to the post office until Saturday morning to pick him up. He's very cute, but dang the seam lines! :\ Will have to work on that. I'll try to get the brain shipped back to you in the next couple days; the PayPal money came through, so that's all good. I'll definitely let you know when I ship it. It's hilarious-looking. Thanks so much! I took pictures, but with my new job, I can't promise how quickly I'll be able to post them. Sometime this week, I hope.


      I replied on 10/10:
      That's fine. ^^ Just let me know <3


      I hadn't heard anything as of 10/21 so I sent her another PM:

      Re: Zinc shipped!

      Just wondering if you ever shipped the brain. I just remembered. ^^


      To which she replied on 10/23/11
      Quote Originally Posted by EriChanHime
      I haven't forgotten. It's all packed and ready to go, but I have to wait for Monday to ship it, since I can't go to the post office myself (leave for work before it's open, come back after it's closed). My dad will be taking it to the post for me, so it should get there in just a couple days.


      I replied 10/29/11 because I hadn't received the package

      Was the package shipped? I never received it.

      It's now 11/2/11..I sent her a messsage yesterday with a read receipt attached..and no response. I hate to feel like she's avoiding my messages..but all I want is the resin brain shipped with D.C. or my $5 dollars back. I'm not sure where she is but I did notice it said she (or someone ) was online two days ago.
    2. EriChanHime was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I sign in sometimes at work, but then don't get a chance to look at it. The package was returned to me due to an address mistake. I have refunded her the $5 for the wait, and will reship it priority or better at my own expense on Saturday (the only day I can get to the post office myself and ensure it goes properly). I have also PMed Britt directly to let her know what I am doing to fix the problem.
    4. I'll update this once I get the package. Thank you, Erichanhime. I appreciate it.
    5. Received a $5 refund from her via paypal and the resin brain in the mail! This is all settled and the thread can be closed. ^^