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Resolved Paging Esper*Kazumi - RESOLVED

May 20, 2011

    1. Hate to do this but i have no other choice.

      I asked about Esper*Kazumis K_doll Karon head that she have for sale on 05-09-2011.
      I paid for the head 10 may 2011 via paypal.
      Esper*Kazumi told me that "will mail the head out in 1 or 2 days and I will let you know when I did that". And for that time no word from her.

      Ok, i was guessing that she might need the time for the paypal funds to flow to her account.

      Yestarday on 07:40 AM i send her PM with question, what with the head. I also email her via DoA and by mail that she give me for PP payment. No reply.

      Yestarday i saw her online at 07:43 PM but she didnt reply my PM or mails.

      If I not recive an explanation and the K_doll Karon head i payed for or refund by Monday, I will be filing a PayPal claim and leaving negative feedback.

      I really want to believe that Esper*Kazumi and i really want this head, but she needs to get in contact with me as soon as possible!
    2. Esper*Kazumi was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. a little update:
      Ok, it looks like Esper*Kazumi is a guy. Sorry for mistake earlier.

      He still dont reply on my mails or PMs. But i tracked him down from photbucket and then facebook - it was bad track, because he didnt use his photos - but friends ( she is also here ), then i take his real name from PP account and track him on Facebook. This time i think its Esper*Kazumi. The date of birthday and city are correct. The friends on DoA and there are correct. I write to him simple message " Hi. How are you feeling".

      If he anwser, its good, maybe this way i will know if he send the head i payed for or i need to proceed with PP claim.
      I didnt do this in the Monday, because im still hoping to get this head :< But maybe im being stupid. Well i will wait 2 more days.
    4. He logged today but i dont recieve any PM or mail from him.

      I open Paypal dispute with message for him. If he didnt anwser, then i will make it Paypal claim. And leave very negative feedback.
    5. update:

      He send me PM, when his firend, i contacted on FB, called him.
      Esper*Kazumi told me that he have very bad situation in his house right now and just forget about the head.

      He told me also that he is going to post office right now to send the head to me.
      But i didnt receive any tracking or info that package was send.

      So i will keep for now this thread until the head arrive to me or not.
    6. update:

      Yestarday Esper*Kazumi gave me tracking number for package ^^. I hope it will arrive safely.
      I will inform when the package arrive