Paging eternal_ukyou - RESOLVED

Aug 11, 2009

    1. Back in June I commissioned eternal_ukyou to make two matching dresses for my incoming dolls. Within a few days she sent photos and they were beautiful dresses. I sent payment and went on with life. Because the dolls hadn't arrived yet I thought nothing of the dresses not arriving until about a month later when I realized they hadn't. I got in contact with eternal_ukyou and she said there had been a mix up and that she was going to try and fix it (her father was suppose to send them, never did and she finally got them back)

      On July 15th she said she was shipping them the next day. And I then heard nothing more.

      I started contacting her again on August 8thn about the dresses.

      Finally today, August 10th, I received an offline message (via AIM) saying:
      This is the honest feedback. And I have actually asked eternal_ukyou for a refund instead of the dresses but have not heard back from her as of yet.
    2. eternal_ukyou was last on the forum 4AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution and don't forget to link back to this Problem Transaction in her regular feedback thread.
    3. a refund was issued today. my apologies.
    4. I indeed receive a refund today....the wait was ridiculous for it as well it was eternal_ukyou's boyfriend and not herself who refunded me.

      So this matter has been resolved.