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Unresolved Paging Fairphin. [IMGs inside]

Oct 23, 2008

    1. I will be filing a paypal claim against Fairphin at the weekend.

      I purchased a Camine from her and he arrived in very bad condition, partly due to lack of proper packaging, on the 17th October.
      I PM'd her that same evening to let her know that I was not impressed with his condition, and the fact that she had not told me he had anything wrong with him. I asked her to please claim for the postal insurance because he had arrived broken. I then PM'd her on Sunday to ask her to please get in contact.

      I have had no reply to either, although I have a confirmed Read Receipt for the first PM.

      Please get in contact, Fairphin. I didn't want to have to file a paypal claim but I'm not waiting around for you to think of some excuses. I'm appalled that the doll has been treated this way.

      These are just a few of the photos I took when he arrived.

      I lifted the top cusion and this is how he looked underneath. As you can see there was NO bubblewrap or any type of packing in his box, and he was so loosely strung that he'd just folded up. His wrists and face had strips of cotton tied up on them.

      He had glue on his face and chest. It came off with a bit of warm water but it has left a noticeably paler strip of resin in it's wake. He also has these strips on his stomach in a V shape, as though she had already taken some glue off. It's too washed out in this photo, but there's also a deep gouge in his nose, presumably from her mod job which I specifically asked questions about, and she did not tell me about this.

      He was covered in blue marks from rubbing against the box, and he had mysterious orange stains on his legs and arms.



    2. missmoody ~ fairphin was last on the board 23OCT and has now been moved into the Unresolved group. Is this the MP ad from which you purchased your doll -


      Please keep this thread updated with resolution of any kind! Good luck!
    3. Yes that is the thread.
      I'll keep you posted for sure, thanks.
    4. I have now heard from Fairphin, due to help from another member who also lives in Sweden. We are currently discussing what to do about this problem, and I expect to hear back from her about a refund on Wednesday.
    5. missmoody ~ Any resolution yet?
    6. Not yet. I'll let you know if anything new happens.
    7. Any resolution yet?