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Jul 29, 2011

    1. I have been putting this off as I didn't want to do it, but after seeing someone else needed to page Faye last month (link) I feel that this is necessary.

      I first contacted Faye on April 19th to commission one of her hand-made outfit sets. At first communication was promptly replied. I sent a deposit (half of the total price) payment via PayPal of 36€ ($54.00 USD) on April 21st. At the time of payment, she quoted me at one month to complete the set.

      I periodically checked in with her (I have saved all PM's between us) just to keep in touch, and generally received a reply within 2-3 days for the remainder of April/beginning of May. On May 6th she quoted me at 1-2 weeks until my commission was completed.

      I again checked in on May 19th; Faye replied on May 23rd saying she had been ill and had some delays.
      Next I asked for an update on May 30th; Faye replied June 10th again saying health issues were impeding progress.
      Next I asked for an update on June 24th; Faye replied the same day saying she would send progress photos that weekend, but she never sent them.

      I next PM'ed her on July 6th asking for an update. She replied July 8th saying it was very hot weather and there was a problem with her camera, but she said she would send me photos "this same afternoon".
      Next PM exchange was July 15th, me asking for an update, Faye saying she had camera problems and would send me photos the next morning, which she never did.

      She next PM'ed me on the 21st with this message:

      I replied on the 26th thanking her for her message.

      I understand that she has had some health/family/weather/equipment difficulties this summer and I am not being insensitive to that. I am unhappy that I was promised photos of my commission several times and never given them, that communication has become vague and sparse, and that this commission has turned from 1 month into 3+ months.

      At this time, I would still like the completed dress set.

      Thank you for your help in this transaction.
    2. Faye was last on the forum 24JUL. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Update: I again PM'ed Faye the day I asked for her to be paged: July 29th. I have yet to receive a reply.
    4. I also am awaiting for my dress and headbow to be finished by Faye.. I sent payment in mid April and am still not sure when it will be done :sweat I did not want to page Faye, since during her last paging she did message me, but I will be keeping my eye on this thread.

      Hopefully Faye can get us all of our lovely items soon :aheartbea And that things are doing better and she is okay. She seems like a sweet girl.
    5. Still no contact from Faye.
    6. Hello, I am so sorry for this, like I said, I'm going through some health and familiar problems, and some other unluky issues : ( Sorry not to responding until now, I've been on my parents home so I couldn't reallly resolve anything from there, but now I am at home again

      hello lolita, I am showing you the dress as soon as I upload and edit the photos, hopefully : ) I hope the pc don't broke suddently or somenthing...I apreciate so much you want to finish the transaction

      vengez, thank you very much, patience means so much for me now I'm going through this, I will show you your dress this same week as well if I encounter no more problems.

      As far as I know you both are the only ones waiting dresses from me currently, from the same preorder, I am very very sorry for this, will think on somenthing to compensate plus the dresses.
    7. Thank you, Faye, for replying to us. I look forward to seeing pictures and receiving the dress.

      I am going to request that this thread remains open until both vengez and I receive our dresses and complete the transactions. I hope you understand.

      I will continue to keep this thread updated.
    8. Faye sent me photos of the completed dress set today at 3:00 CST. I replied and opened the conversation of payment and shipment.

      I will continue to post updates when I hear back from Faye.
    9. Faye and I settled on a final payment price today, and I sent payment via PayPal today. Faye said she would ship within 3-4 days after payment.

      I will update when I again hear from Faye.
    10. I wanted to let Faye no that I am in no rush. I understand her issues and am completely fine. Looking forward to completed photos~ ^3^
    11. I payed Faye on August 9th and haven't heard from her since.
    12. Hello!

      I just pmd you, like I said on that pm, (perhaps I didnt explained well) that I would wait to the payment to arrive from my bank account from my paypal account, and then I would go to postal office to send the packet.

      The good news, is yesterday I received the paypal funds, but the bad news is I cant send it until next week because the postal office is closed this days...

      I received the payment into my
    13. Faye last PM'd me on the 18th saying she would ship this week. I have not heard from her since.
    14. Faye PM'd me today saying she will hopefully ship the dress set this week. She said she will let me know after she ships. I returned a message to Faye today thanking her for the update.

      I will update this thread again once I have shipping confirmation from Faye.
    15. I have not heard from Faye again since she PM'd me on 8/29/11 (two weeks ago), even though her PM stated she would ship that Thursday.
    16. Faye was last on the forum 6SEP.
    17. I have not heard from Faye at all.. No photos or updates or anything.

      I am sort of at the point of just wanting a refund :/ I started this commission on 4/16. While Faye is a lovely seamstress and I do believe she is a sweet person, this is just too long for me to wait for a simple dress.
    18. Still have not heard from Faye, even though I have PM'ed her. She last messaged me on 8/29.
    19. I got a response back from Faye today. I don't get why she didn't message you

      Here is what she said to me.... Let's hope it's true and that she gets a resolution to you, too
      "Hello Vengez,

      I understand, it is possible, could you wait to next week please? I will do the refund as soon as possible, please let me know your paypal account.

      I am so sorry about this,
    20. Faye was last on the forums yesterday.