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Resolved Paging Faye // - RESOLVED

Jun 10, 2011

    1. I didn't wanted to do this but i'm kinda tired of running after my order.

      I got a spot on Faye commission thread months ago.
      She is really kind and polite but I never had any PM letting me know its could take that much time. I had to run after my order all the time and still today I am waiting on news since 29 of april. I don't mind waiting after an order even if its take a lot of time but I wish I could have at least 1 little pm to let me know what happen with an order that I have started paying.

      Today i'd like her to be paged because if she can't make my order after all those months I just want a refund then.

    2. Faye was last on the forum 3JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hey, I just saw this, although I can understand it.

      I am sorry about this, I was (no, I am) stuck with your commission and now I'm having some health issues that don't let me work well, which doesn't helps...

      I wanted to finish the coat just because you agreed to wait, and I just didn't realized it's been so much time since my last pm, I've been overworking too much, I feel so sorry ^^u

      I can give you a refund with no problem, please write me a pm with your paypal account and I'll try to do it this same week.

      I am so sorry about this
    4. Faye have contacted me yesterday the 10 of june to let me know what happened, as again she is really polite and understand my situation. We made an arrangement and i'm pretty sure she will contact me for news now.

      I don't want to close the thread yet since the transaction is not over yet but we talked ^^
    5. Faye refund me this morning the amount I gave her to start the commission. We can say this transaction is over