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Paging Floyd - RESOLVED

Aug 13, 2008

    1. My problem:

      I purchased a DIM Minimee NS Love boy body from this post: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3567246#post3567246

      I paid in full on July 31st and got a message from the user, Floyd, stating she would send the body out via EMS and send me a tracking number. I have still not received a tracking number. I tried to PM her but her DoA Inbox is full. I e-mailed her from the PayPal email she gave me but she has not responded. I also left a reply on the original sales post, but no response.

      I see she was active on the forum earlier today (today being Wednesday, August 13th), so I assume she has internet access. She has not contacted me since the day I made my payment.

      Her very last message to me (from July 31st, 2008):
      ...I received payment ..
      and I'll send it to EMS agency tomorrow morning...
      It will take about 3 days to arrival there..
      I'll soon let u know the tracking number....

      If the item has not been shipped out, I wish for a full refund.

      But, if I don't hear a response in the next week, I will file a PayPal dispute :( I really don't want to, but I really don't want to be out so much money.

      Thank you!
    2. Update:
      Currently it is 10:20PM Thursday, August 14th, 2008 here.
      I have not gotten a response from Floyd in the past 24 hours.

      But... I was able to successfully send Floyd a PM (inbox is no longer full, I'm assuming)...
      So now I am waiting on a response :)
    3. No response, still.
      I attempted to send this PM:

      "Sorry again to PM you but I haven't heard from you in a while about the EMS number and I'm very worried. I even set up a paging thread. If you have not sent it out yet, I would appreciate a full refund."

      But once again, her Inbox is full. She has not logged in since August 14th. I am going to open up a PayPal dispute right now. I feel it's the only way I will get any sort of response from Floyd ;_;
    4. Floyd has contacted me via email.
      I am now just waiting for her to send me a tracking number :S
    5. Actually, turns out it was NOT Floyd who emailed me. Floyd and their friend share the same email address? The friend said the body was already shipped and they would get me the tracking number...

      Here are the two emails I received last night and this morning:
      Last night's email:
      I'm sorry to the thing,my friend go to U.S.A.
      I'm tell her with the thing.
      give me some time to the thing,
      I will give you shiping NO
      the paypal dress.
      This is my paypal address for registration and friends. So you don't worry, I will answer you as soon as possible."

      This morning:
      "hello: My friend had already send this body out. This Account is shared between My friend and me. And he has already went to USA, so that recently he could not contact you. Would you please wait for a few days, and sorry for casuing you these unconvenience."

      Honestly, I have no idea what's going on :S If Floyd is away, then how are they logging on DoA and bumping their sales threads? :(
    6. I bought some eyes from Floyd and they said they'd ship them to me EMS (that's all s/he uses). And instead of getting them in three days like normal EMS, it took Floyd five days to actually send them out, so it took a week and a half to get to me.

      And they could easily be using a computer anywhere in the world to bump the thread, but it doesn't mean that they're able to ship something out, since they may not be home -- or it could be the friend bumping the thread, using Floyd's DOA name.

      My eyes only cost me around $50 so I didn't bother Floyd at all about them, just got them a week later than I thought I would, but I did still get them. So I'm hoping Floyd will come through for you, too.
    7. Thanks for the input, Vaith :) I'm concerned because my item was a little over $300.

      I was sent an alternate email for Floyd yesterday and I tried emailing her. I have not yet gotten a response. If I don't receive the tracking number or item by the 31st, I'm going to escalate my dispute to a claim.

      Also, I'm concerned. There was more information posted here but it seems those posts were deleted. Does this happen often? :(
    8. OK! update ^^
      I have been in contact with her now...she said she sent it.
      But I'm going to wait until/or if it arrives to close the PayPal dispute.
    9. I have been in communication with Floyd now and have received the tracking number.
      I will wait until I receive the body until I request this thread resolved and to cancel the PP dispute ^^;
    10. Body was received today.
      Apparently the shipping company never sent out the item...
      I'm glad I looked into it or I would have never gotten it :S

      Please close this thread. Thanks :)