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Paging Foolbot - RESOLVED

Jan 15, 2010

    1. Darling please let me know whether my dolly is finished? I am really worried, please help?:(:(
    2. Mishita ~ Foolbot was last on the forum 12JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you! still no response :( :(
    4. Hi Mishita
      I sent you an email(though you didnt get it it seems)
      But your doll still isnt finished because I'm still having problems with the cold and MSC; I'm very sorry your having to wait,but I did tell you about the problem :/
      This is also affecting all my other comissions,which is quite frustrating,and I couldnt update my thread because of browser problems(my fault). I also had alot of other work which got piled up,though this is no excuse.

      Again,I am very sorry,please let me know what you want to do. :(

    5. Not to worry mate! i think my husband went a bit crazy with my paypal as well :P. If you think u are having too much to work on, thats ok! you can send the head back and i will wait. I need to take the head regardless as I have the meeting in Latin America. Once the weather clears, then we can sort it out ^^
    6. Then I shall send the head tomorrow with royal mail next day delivery,if you are willing to pay the shipping. I will need your name and address again.
      I think it would have been better/less stressful to send me an email (as shown on my thread) rather than post this here.
    7. Dont worry dear! i am still looking forward to the face-up! so please keep the head as long as you need to! i will only take my DragonDoll as the flight hand-luggage is pretty restricted!
    8. ..so you still want me to do the faceup? :?
    9. If you still have the head ^^ my husband was making me anxious worrying me about lost stuff on the post, etc :P (men are idiots sometimes :))
    10. umm...I never said I'd posted it back? :doh I always let my customers know when I send heads back,so yes I still have the head.
    11. fantastic! ^^ you work your magic, and i will kick my hubby ^^ (i will take my dragon doll, they wanted to charge my £20 for an extra hand luggage :P :P)
    12. Mishita ~ Please take this dialogue to pm or email. You can pm a mod when resolution has been met and this thread will be re-opened for a single post and then closed as resolved. Thanks!
    13. Mishita ~ Please update this thread now with resolution. Thank you!
    14. Resolved ^^
    15. resolved ^^ the thread can be deleted, as poor follbot was ill
    16. Feedback threads aren't deleted. How was this resolved? Thanks!
    17. we emailed each other ^^ some emails had bounced back from my inbox into the junk box, so i had a whole collection of poor foolbot's unread emails there! we are in contact now, and I believe my dolly has been finished ^^