Paging for cainkeita - RESOLVED

Sep 13, 2010

    1. i don't like to do this but i'm left with no choice. been waiting far too long and my latest pms were not replied to, i would really like to have the issue settled:

      08/01/2010 - i pm'd cainkeita in regards to reserving a face-up slot with her for my CustomHouse Jun
      10/01/2010 - cainkeita replied with her shipping details and that i may send her the head for face-up
      16/01/2010 - i pm'd cainkeita in regards to the shipping information, as well as enquire in regards to the need for a down-payment.
      16/01/2010 - cainkeita replied that payment can be made after she sent me the face-upped pictures for approval
      08/04/2010 - i pm'd cainkeita in regards to the face-up status as i've waited more than 2 months already
      09/04/2010 - cainkeita replied and apologized that due to her busy work schedule, she hasn't been able to update me and will do so asap.
      14/07/2010 - i pm'd cainkeita again in regards to any updates as it's been 6 months since i've sent her the doll head.
      03/08/2010 - i pm'd her again as there's no reply.
      03/08/2010 - cainkeita finally replied that she's been busy so she wasn't able to update but she should be able to send me the face-up photos for approval by end of the week.
      17/08/2010 - i pm'd cainkeita again as it's past the date she promised and that if she's really having difficulty in finding time, she can just voice it out and i'll arrange for the head to be shipped back to me.
      05/09/2010 - i pm'd cainkeita again as she has not replied to my previous pm.

      i really want to resolve this and get it over and done with.
    2. cainkeita was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. thank you for the assistance. i have just received an update:

      16/09/2010 - cainkeita has pm'd me apologising for the delay due to her busy schedule, she reckons that she should be able to finish painting my doll's face-up by this week and estimates to provide the face-up pictures on this saturday.
    4. update:

      20/09/2010 - cainkeita pm'd me with a pic of the face-up.
      20/09/2010 - i replied requesting for the payment details.
    5. update:

      21/09/2010 - cainkeita pm'd me with the face-up + shipping charges
      21/09/2010 - i replied with payment + shipping details
    6. if it helps, my friend used her too. and pretty much the same thing happend she prosmises 2 weeks and then is gone.

      its always a good idea to pop their name in the paging thread just to see if they have had issues in the past.
      my friends head did show up finished (but with no notice and no communication whatso ever, though the faceup is not want she asked for i beleive)
      hopefull yours will arive back done and safe
    7. Hi! like kpatillo said, she did not stick to her 2weeks turnover time which she mentioned in her initial sales thread.
      Took her 3 months to complete our transaction.
      However to clear up somethings, the face up DID turn out just what I wanted and I was very happy with it and she did pm me back after being paged.
      She does need to stick to whatever turnover timeline she herself stated on her sales thread though and not exceed it too much.
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    9. there has been no response from cainkeita since my last update. no shipping notification and i have not received my doll's head either.

      EMS delivery shouldn't take more than a week, and she has quoted me more than what a package of my doll's head size and weight would usually cost (based on my experiences purchasing items from where she's based at).
    10. update

      23/10/2010 - finally received my doll's head, package indicated sent date 20/10/2010.

      would like to add that i have received no communication in regards to shipping since my last update.

      anyways, case resolved and thank you mods for all the assistance rendered.