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Paging for Gloombox - RESOLVED

Sep 28, 2010

    1. I really do not want to do this but I am getting worried about the status of a rather expensive doll purchase I made with Gloombox.
      I have completed full payment transaction with her on 23 Sept, 4.43pm with a PM from her indicating she had received payment and will send the doll out before the weekend.
      As of today after several PM from me since yesterday enquiring on the status of the shipping, I have not receive a single reply from her at all even though she has been active in the forum.
      I understand from her profile page she is in the midst of moving but what I really wanted is just a reasuring PM reply about the status from her. For her to ignore my PM totally without replying even though she was online in the Forum seem rather shady to me. I am getting really jittery about this transaction now.
      She was last seen today at 11.19am and I really hope to hear a favorable reply from her soon please.
    2. I've PM'd yagamijo and made arrangements to ship Hijikata tomorrow. When I've done so, I'll PM her with tracking information and make note of doing so in this thread. I'm personally sorry to yagamijo and I apologize for potentially cutting into the mod's time.
    3. I left the post office at roughly 4:50PM EST today, and promptly sent yagamijo a PM with a picture of the shipping receipt and EMS tracking number typed out. I also refunded her what I charged for shipping via Paypal due to my lack of timeliness.

      The Hijiikata I sold her is due to be delivered on the 4th. :)

      Hopefully she will receive my PM and verify this information within this thread soon and the issue will be resolved. Again, I'm very sorry to all parties involved and I have done my best to make it up to yagamijo, as I know waiting for pricey dolls can be stressful and scary! ;(
    4. Dear Moderator

      I confirmed that I have received the PM from Gloombox on 29 Sept 2010, the picture of the receipt and tracking number. She has explained in her PM dated 28 Sept 2010 as listed above in her explaination, the problems she had and had refunded the agreed shipping for EMS to make up for the time lost. Everything should be in order and now waiting for my new boy to arrive to me.

      Thank you for your kind action in paging Gloombox but please kindly be inform that Gloombox has resolved the problem and mail the doll out as promise.

      Kindly close this thread as resolved. Thank you so much.