paging for kynea - MEMBER MP BANNED

Aug 10, 2009

    1. i did a heliot split with kynea and she has had the doll in her possesion for over 2 weeks now..she suposedly had her sister write me that she was sick and would be back home on saturday ..saturday has come and gone and no one answers the pms or emails so im just worried..i hope it turns out ok ...i just wish since she has been on doa regularly since my doll arrived to her that she would answer my messages and just let me know something
    2. I'm in the same situation:i'm running a split with Kynea for cuprit,i've claimed and payed for full part of the doll.
      She've been very quick to reply initially to my pms,but once order started i found very difficoult to have a reply from her.
      Also she pushed me to pay in 3 months cuprit when we're agree for 5,so i was in the tought situation to raise money for 3 deposit at one,as the other 2 was calculated in a different amount.I've sent money on 25 of May she paid only on 6 June.
      Since so far i've got no ONE pm from her.
      At this point obviously i wish to know how this weird situation turns out,also other doa members are running with Kynea a split for Chrom.
      Definitely i wish to have some info or some comunication from her as i'm pretty worried too.
    3. kynea was last on the forum 7AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. hi guys, i'm waiting on kynea as well, for a heliot part.

      she told me back on the 28th that she was sick, & that she would send him out by the end of that week hopefully. but i haven't heard from her since. so i'm hoping she isn't too sick....

      anyway i'll post in here if i hear from her any time soon.
    5. Hey!

      I'm paying for a Chrom split, and now is the time for me to make the 3rd payment. I don't have replies to my messages yet...
      When I have any news I'll tell.
      Honestly hope she's ok and come back very soon!
    6. Honestly i'm not so interested if she's been seriously sick or not.Was Kynea duty to keep updated the members over here that running a completed split with her,sorry if i seems ruthless.
      So me,YOUKAIMOON,Punkchaos are in the same boat cannot do NOTHING but wait for her.But you Mimichocolat maybe since you're still paying for chrom split can ask to soom to accept the payment directly from you and not from Kynea.
      It was really hard to communicate with her even for me when i've paypal to her the payment for cuprit.
    7. Yeh, kynea should have someone else let us know if she was really sick ...people that avoid and say nothing get me scared...i hope for the best for everyone ..even kynea if she truely is sick
    8. Hi there!

      I'm so sorry, I was out because I was in the hospital. I came home friday but I get up of the bed today. I'm so sorry for all the people who had transactions with me. I have here the Heliot, and I just have to know what type of shipping do you want to send him at your homes. I'm so sorry about that, I could'nt get up of the bed earlier.

      YOUKAIMOON and punkchaos: Let me know what type of shipping do you want and I will send now a pm telling you the shipping price (from spain is very expensive I think, I'm sorry about that)

      $abbatha: I haven't received yet the cuprit, when I will receive it I will ask you what kind of shipping do you want and I will tell you the shipping price.

      mimichocolat: I will send now a pm telling what you have to pay this month.

      Again, I'm so sorry, but my sister didn't want to answer your pm's and I couldn't do nothing.


    9. i'm glad you're okay! =D i'll send you a pm immediately.
    10. I want also tell you that I have friends that use my account to see photos and things in DOA, so for these people who tell that I have been in DOA these days, I wasn't.
    11. Cora i've never sent you any PM recently.Nothing personal to you but it's quite normal that someone over here get worried by your longer silence.You had serious health issue that won't make me happy,but was you duty to let know and update members whos running split with you.
    12. thank you for getting back with all of us and im very happy you are ok, i have pmed you with my shipping choice and address...
    13. Pm's answered ^^

      $abbatha, yes I know, but I never thought that I was very poor health, and when I realized I was already admitted in the emergency room, and unfortunately neither my sister or friends with whom I could contact, speak good english, so they could not notify the my state

      Again, I'm so sorry
    14. Thank you for your messages Kynea! I'm happy you're ok now, and hope you are fully recovered. I'm happy to gon on with this Chrom split. I really want that doll!
      I've just sent the 3rd payment.
    15. I got your payment mimichocolat ;I

      punkchaos, I've just send your head ^^
    16. YOUKAIMOON I've just sent your boy + eyes and wings ;I
    17. What happened to the thread about the Chrom split? I can't find it anywhere!!! Was it erased?!!
    18. Kynea's MP ads have been removed from the visible area as she should not be adding any new transactions. If you need any specific information from a particular MP thread for Kynea, please contact a moderator.
    19. So ,as i'm running the large part of Kynea's cuprit split should i post over here any further info and contact her by Pm only to have info about my split part?
    20. Yes, that would be best. Thanks!