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Resolved Paging for suicide_bunny - RESOLVED

Sep 10, 2011

    1. I commissioned from SUICIDE_BUNNY about a few months ago.
      I commissioned her around april-march period for two outfit and after a good respond
      and i got my outfit the way i wanted them to be. I decided to commission her again around 06-20-2011
      and i paid her around 07-05-2011 a total of 242usd to her account and she pm-ed me back on the day itself that she received the money.

      I commissioned a total of 5 outfit.

      she pm-ed me again on 07-17-2011 telling me she has started on the outfits and apologize for the delay.
      and then pm-ed me again on 07-18-2011 telling me about suggestions to alter the outfit.
      After replying her that pm. I never heard from her ever since.

      Getting abit worried after a week or two I drop another pm and yet no reply.
      I did again after 1-2weeks asking if she is alright and if she is done with the outfit
      I was just hoping for a reply and not wanted to sound rude.

      and she finally reply on 08-19-2011 explaining to me her situation and therefore she didn't had internet.
      and ever since then i got no reply at all even though she said she will get back to me
      with the pictures.

      At this point, I would really like to have the outfits completed and sent to me

      Thank you
    2. I am also in the same situation as mich3647. I commissioned suicide_bunny as well for an outfit.

      I do not have the complete records of my communications with her, but I sent her payment on 28 Jun 2011. She confirmed having received the money on 2011-07-08 and said she would start work after the 11th of July when she returned from her holiday.

      2011-08-12: I sent her a PM enquiring on the status of my commission.

      2011-08-18: As I had received no reply for the previous PM, I sent her another one, this time inquiring if she had managed to receive it, as I am aware that there are sometimes issues with PMs not getting sent.

      2011-08-19: I received a reply to the same tune as what mich3647 received. She mentioned she was left with just the trousers, and within 3~4 four days she would be able to send pictures. I replied to her on the same day.

      It is now the 11th of September and I have not received any further contact from her. I will send her another message inquiring about the status of my commission.

      As for the resolution, it is too late for me to file a Paypal claim and at this point I don't really want the outfit anymore; I would prefer the money back. However if she has finished it, is able to send me the pictures and ship it out within a reasonable time-frame I will still accept it.
    3. I forgot to add: My commission was to the tune of 48USD, shipping included.
    4. suicide_bunny was last on the forum 24AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    5. I sent a message to suicide_bunny on the forums and have not received any replies. I also emailed her Paypal address in hopes that she can reply.
    6. Still no contact from her - both PM and email.
    7. Still no communication. I see that suicide_bunny has received a new piece of feedback; if she could get in contact with either one of us it would be very much appreciated.
    8. suicide_bunny has sent me a PM; I will keep this thread updated with how things go along.
    9. Suicide_bunny reply me with a Pm saying she will get the outfit done by 29th
      I m hoping she reply me back with pictures soon
    10. suicide_bunny has sent me photos of the outfit; she has asked for my shipping address so that she can send the outfit within this week. Only when the outfit is received in satisfactory condition will I then consider my half resolved.
    11. suicide_bunny has send me photos of the outfit
      she did not send all of the outfits photos but promised to send the rest of the photos by thurs and friday .
      and she mentioned she will be done by everything on friday
      I will only considered this resolved when I get the outfit in hand
    12. I am sorry for both mich3647 and SchizoCheese for such delay. I should definitely inform DoA community about the problems I had (no internet connection at first) and then about completely lack of free time (I was moving to another city and had other issues) however I won't use it as my excuse, because commissions should take first place, no matter what was happening. Once more I am really sorry. It won't happen again and I can only hope that my outfits will compensate such long waiting. I've already send them out to both of girls, gave them tracking numbers and I hope that they are going to have much fun when the outfits arrive : )
    13. I have received my package today, although the doll I originally bought the outfit for is no longer with me. I consider my end resolved.
    14. I have received my package yesterday
      outfit wasnt as good as before (pass commission) but i consider my end resolved too.