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Paging Fredason - RESOLVED

Nov 4, 2008

    1. Although this is a relatively short time since my last communication with Fredason, I am posting this because the amount I have paid for a doll is over $500, and also, I need to point out that the seller has not contacted me since the First of November and it is now the fourth.

      I purchased a Soom Sard from Fredason. This was on October 27th. I asked for a tracking number so I would know when I would receive Sard. Fredason sent a note stating that she would send a tracking number on that Friday. I did not hear back from her until I received a note from Fredason on November 1st with the following text:

      "Re: SOOM sard payment sent

      My friend help me to send the sard out,

      he will give me the track number on monday,(at his office),and sard will arrive about Wednesday or Thursday"

      It is Tuesday, I have not received my tracking number information, and Fredason has not been online since the 2nd, when she promised me the information I requested.

      I am paging in order to have the tracking number...this is important because i am currently on vacation and need to have someone keep an eye out for the package. I will update when i receive tracking information.
    2. LordHelmet ~ Was there resolution in this transaction?
    3. Yes, i did receive my tracking number, however, upon receiving my doll, it was discovered that 3 of his fingers were broken....since Fredason did not insure the package as i asked, and the package itself was undervalued, i am not able to file a complaint with EMS or USPS...however, Fredason offered to contact Soom to ask for a new hand, so I am currently waiting on the hand...should i change or resolve this page? i was a little unsure, actually.
    4. It doesn't sound as though it's fully resolved yet. Also, perhaps you should be more clear in what you paid for and what you requested as this thread will be used referentially. Did you ask for the package to be underdeclared? Did you pay for insurance and not receive it?
    5. will do!

      I paid Fredason for a Soom Sard with full blushing, face up, and silver wig.
      when i asked her how much it would be to ship the doll, she said it would be 50 dollars, so i agreed...I asked about insurance then as well. There were several hiccoughs with the transaction from the get go which are unrelated to the condition of the doll but which i will explain if neccessary (it has to do with her paypal adress) Fredason said that she would give me the tracking number for my doll in October, but did not get back to me until the 6th of November with the tracking number. When i finally received the package, i noticed that it was not insured but also the package was undervalued...the price was 30 dollars, well under the cost of the doll. when i asked Fredason about this, she explained that was the differnce she had to pay in shipping. i am still confused about this response, but I certainly did not ask for the package to be undervalued. In any case, the doll i received had 3 broken fingers. the doll was very well packaged, and well wrapped. the outer packaging was not damaged. i did not drop or mishandle the doll in any way. After explaining my situation with Fredason, she at first said that he had no damage befor he was shipped and said that it was not her responsibility, but agreed to speak with soom to ask for a new hand. She responded a few days later saying soom would send me a new hand. i have not contacted her since then, and i am currently waiting for the hand.

      if there are any questions, i would be happy to answer them. in short, the transaction was shakey, but adequate, and if the new hand comes in, i will be able to say that fredason has taken full responsibility and has done all she could to accomodate me...i am not sure if she's sold dolls before, but i know that she has sold clothes.
    6. Update: i was given a tracking number for the hand by fredason. however, the tracking number does not work when entered in either USPS or EMS service.

      i have contacted her and am waiting on her reply
    7. UPDATE!

      Fredason has had Soom Send my a new pair of hands for my Sard. I will say that she has made good on her promise...I will be honest and say that Fredason had a few issues with communication and i think she really needs to fix the issue with paypal, but she is a good seller who takes responsibility for her goods when prompted. I left her feedback and please resolve this page.