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Paging Fredason - RESOLVED

Jul 31, 2010

    1. HI dunno if this is too soon but i am slightly worried. and my lovely boyfriend deleted my pms think they were his!

      I am currently doing a layway with freadason for her DOI luke. I asked about shipping and such and we agreed on the sale, so i sent the money over. (£200). She then said to me that i had sent the money in uk pounds and that if i sent it like that again she wouldn't accept it i apologised as i didnt realise i hadnt changed it.

      So that was a month ago i have pm'd her twice asking for her paypal and how much i still owe her but she hasnt got back to me. And it says she was last online 07-08-2010.

      Another thing is that she hasnt changed the status on the doll on her for sale thread.

      Its my first time doing a layway and working with fredason so im not sure what to do.
    2. She was first contacted on the 07-02-2010

      And i last got contact from her around the 07-08-2010

      i sent her a PM on the 07-26-2010 and the 07-31-2010
    3. Fredason was last on the forum 8JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Sorry I go to HK dp5 these days. and just get home today.
      so I have pm to you and please give me an messange.
      thanks so much and sorry again.
    5. all pretty much sorted! did know she had gone away! lol
    6. all pretty much sorted! didnt know she had gone away! lol

      sorry ment didnt!!
    7. recived this pm
    8. not heard from her since the 8th when she told me she would ship him in 2 days,
    9. hello
      the ems num is ee434199652cn
      Doll should have been arrived,please check in.
    10. Recived the doll last monday! sorry it took so long to reply have been so busy!!