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Paging freefall55890 - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

May 24, 2012

    1. I don't like doing this and i had good relation with freefall so far, so i hope it will be ok...

      freefall55890 commissioned me for 2 outfits.
      She sent me a deposit on the 15th of march to hold the slots for april.

      I made the outfits a little bit late because i've been sick. I sent her the pics of the first outfit on the 24th of april. She replied nicely that she liked it. this is her last message i recieved.

      I sent her the pics of the second outfit on the 25th of april. I had no answer.
      And then a message with the total amount (minus the 40$ of the deposit) on the 30th of april. No answer.
      I sent message again to know if something was wrong on the 12ve of may and 18th of May. No answer.
      And i sent her an email through den of angels 3 days ago, no answer.

      I'm waiting for 210.2$.
      It's been a month now, i need this money...

      I would like to know if she's ok or something, she has always been very nice with me and i don't understand why she doesn't reply anymore.
      If it's just that she's very busy or can not pay now anymore, i just would like to know to be able to take a decision and maybe put those outfits for sale.
      And of course i hope nothing bad happened...

      so please, freefall, send a message !!
    2. freefall55890 was last on the forum 8MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I've sent a new private message today, hoping to recieve something from freefall...
    4. sent you a private message
    5. I have recieved a pm and i am waiting for the first payment.
    6. Made first payment
    7. I'm still waiting for the second payment....
    8. reefall55890 was last on the forum 2AUG.
    9. i still haven't recieved any second payment or news.

      Things are cleared now for me, i'm waiting for the money for 4 months now.

      If i don't have any news from freefall within a week (i just sent her an email today), i will cancel the commission. I won't give any money back from her first payement, and i will put the two outfits for sale.
    10. freefall55890 last logged into the forum 16AUG.
    11. Well i have canceled this transaction, i keep the two outfits i made as commission to sell them. I have sent mails to freefall to tell her weeks ago.
      I think that we can close this thread now ^^ thank you very much zagzagael !
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