Paging fuminshouneko - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Apr 26, 2011

    1. fuminshouneko is on a layaway for my Monzo body. The layaway is for 8 months, starting at Jan 2011. The last payment I have received is on Feb. Payment have not been made for March and April. I have not received any email or pm for the delay reason.

      Before the start of the layaway, I mention to her about payment punctuality. Below is an extract of the PM:

      Below her is an extract of reply to the above pm
      I have send 2 reminders to her email address, on the 14 Mar and on the 12 Apr. I have also send her a PM on the 19 Apr and today. I have not hear from her yet.

      I would like to page her till the mid of May. If I have not hear from her after that, I'll be canceling the layaway.

      fuminshouneko! Please reply soon~
    2. fuminshouneko was last on the forum 17MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. fuminshouneko is also buying a doll from me on a 6-month layaway, beginning Feb 2011. I have not received any payments from her apart from the initial deposit.

      I have some knowledge of her whereabouts, and I understand that she is undergoing a lot of personal troubles, and moved back home from college around March. I have PMed her a number of times and received one reply in March, but no communication or payments since then. I haven't been too worried so far -- although I'm starting to get a bit concerned now that the halfway point on my layaway is coming up.

      fossilangel: PM me if you want more info. I have her mobile number and am willing to send her a text message about her dolls.
    4. Late update: With aihre kind help, fuminshouneko has been texted on 2 May 2011. Still waiting for reply/updates.
    5. I am making this an "official" page now.

      fuminshouneko bought Volks Kohya from me on a 6-month layaway, commencing 11 February 2011. She paid a $150 deposit and was extremely communicative and agreeable as we negotiated the layaway agreement. However, her communication dropped off shortly after, and she has not made any payments towards this layaway since that initial deposit.

      Her last PM to me was on 17 March, confirming that she was going through personal life troubles and was in process of moving home from college. This was the last I heard from her. I sent another PM on 18 April, and a phone text message (about my and fossilangel's pages) on 2 May.

      I have finally sent her an email today, 18 May, requesting definitive action. Partial email quote:

      So I will update this thread with my position by 18th June.

      Thank you, Mods.
    6. fuminshouneko has not returned to the forum since 17MAR.
    7. I didn't received any reply to my emails and PMs (made in March, April and May) from fuminshouneko. The layaway between me and her is considered to be canceled.

      Please keep this post open for aihre.
    8. I never heard back from fuminshouneko. The Volks Kohya layaway has been abandoned and the deposit forfeit. I'll leave feedback for her with a link to this thread.

      Thank you Mods.