Unresolved Paging Ganty

Oct 1, 2008

    1. 05-30-2008 Ganty commissions me, and communication went smooth.

      06-20-2008 I send her the package with the goods she commisioned me to make for her. Up until now communication was good and she was very happy with what I made her. She receives it the next day and she says the money is on it's way.

      a few weeks later the money for the commision is still not on my bank account and I contact her about it, she says it's allready taken from her account and it should arrive any day now..

      07-25-2008 I still haven't received payment so I contact her again, giving her my bankaccount number again, and asking her to check if everything went the right way at her bank.

      07-29-2008 she replies that she'll look at it, and that this is weird because it should be there by now.

      this is the last reply I got from her... after this I pm-ed her several times, over a period of several weeks, that I still haven't received the money for the products I made her and send her. I checked it from front to back, it's really not there.

      I started sending the pm's with a reading confirmation since two weeks. Since then she hasn't been online on DOA and I didn't get confirmation on the pm's...

      because her previous feedback was so good, and communication went so smooth in the beginning, I wonder if something is the matter in her real/private life...
      I know she recently moved to a new house, but she's been online since she lives there..
      I also saw in her feedback thread she joined a group order and never paid for the stuff she ordered, and stopped contact with the person involved.

      I just hope I can get in contact with her again and finish this transaction/get my payment. I wouldn't loose that much money, about 30 euro's, but it was the very first commission I took, and this is not good for someones confidence and trust in taking commissions!:(
    2. The past few weeks, I have pm-ed Ganty a few times after making the post above.
      I also found her email adres, but I'm not sure if she still uses it. I send de same messages to that email adress.

      Also I found the blog she keeps. The link is on her account here on doa.
      She's been online and posting there recently!! I left a comment on her blog and emailed her via her blog, telling her to contact me as soon as possible, but all my attempts to contact her are ignored by her...

      I feel a little helpless and very much ignored, because she posts on the blog and probably reads my messages but doesn't respond..

      I'll just keep trying to contact her! not giving up just yet!
    3. she finally emailed me back! On november 3.
      It was through her blog where I left her my email adress and a request to contact me a.s.a.p.

      She told me she was without internet for all this time and that her provider won't allow her to enter foreign sites...

      She says she'll bankwire me the money right away, so I emailed her back with my bank number again..

      I'll update here if anything happens (money arrives) and I'll also update here if nothing happens.
    4. AnnekeKarel ~ Has there been resolution in this transaction? Thank you.
    5. No, after she promissed to wire the money immediately.... nothing happend.
      So I emailed her after waiting a while, telling her that I didn't receive anything... but with no response and no payment. Today I emailed her again.. (but I don't expect to receive a truthfull response if any at all, let alone any payment...)
    6. still no reply or anything else from Ganty. I email her every now and then, but she dissapeared completely, haven't seen her active on her blog either.
    7. I dont know if this is allowed to be added here but I had a similar situation. I sold a doll to Ganty in 2008 and the payment (e-cheque) she sent me via Paypal was rejected. I had done additional work on the doll including a manicure/pedicure and a custom face-up at her request. After many e-mails to her and her promises to pay (including telling me her internet was down for a week because of bad weather & she couldn't understand why paypal had rejected the payment as it had left her account) I still had nothing for the doll (3 weeks in total) I ended up selling it to someone else.
    8. whitewings: ohw that's awfull :( lucky enough you hadn't send her the doll yet! (I was stupid enough to send before payment:doh)
      Glad to hear you where able to sell it to someone else eventually!

      update on my situation: still no reply to my any of my emails...
    9. This is old tho, but just to back Anne up.

      My first commission faceup was for Ganty,
      i did free faceups. You only had to buy shipping.
      As i not knew the shipping price at that time to her i made a deal that she would pay after i shipped, when i knew the costs.
      I never got the money, but because it was only 5 usd i decided not to bother with it.

      Just like Anna , i feel stupid for making a deal like that =3=