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Paging gene_chan - SEMI-RESOLVED

Jun 28, 2008

    1. I have been in the process of buying an Angel of Dream Min from gene_chan. I sent her the last of the money minus the postage as agreed on the 12th of June. I got no response here on DoA so I sent a concerned e-mail. The last I heard from her was on the 16th of June when she assured me she'd post the doll off that week. She's failed to respond between then and now. The lack of communication and any previous feedback is beginning to worry me. Any response appreciated.

    2. Cami_Hat ~ gene_chan is now Being Paged. The last time she logged on to the forum was 12JUN. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. gene_chan has replied to the e-mail I sent yesterday and will send the doll in the next week.
    4. gene_chan didn't let me know that the doll had been sent last week. When I sent an e-mail to see what was going on I got no reply. I sent another message explaining my concerns and there was still no reply. Finally the day before yesterday I sent a message to say that if I didn't get a response I would be looking to get my money back. She responded saying that she'd post him today. I said I would need the ID number for the parcel and she's sent that to me now. Here's hoping he arrives, I'll know in the next couple of days.
    5. gene_chan sent me the parcel ID as asked and Min finally arrived last monday. In her sales thread she'd said that he'd be sent with shoes which she forgot to send, otherwise the boy was in ok condition. I've paid the postage for him and gene_chan has said she'll find the shoes and send them. As far as I'm concerned the issue is resolved. I've yet to leave my feedback but I just hope she can be more professional with people in the future. Mods, should I link to this thread in my feedback?
    6. Yes, link this thread in gene_chan's feedback thread.