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Paging GoddessDoll

Oct 12, 2007

    1. My sister (PixielatedTink) and I have been trying to reach you for nearly two weeks regarding the OrientDoll Tae you put on hold for us. The last PM I received from you was on 9/30/07:

      And...I haven't heard from you. I've sent you three PMs since then. I've even put read confirmation on atleast one of them and so far...nothing. Here are the PMs:


      I would just really like to either know a paypal address where we can send you the money for the Tae (That I reallyreally want) or if you've changed your mind about selling him.

      Please respond to this ASAP. Thank you.

    2. Hopeful bump. Maybe someone who knows GoddessDoll can let her know I'm looking for her?
    3. Hi ive replied your pm xx
    4. :( Sorry to hear the loss of your mum am thinking of you and your family.