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Resolved Paging GoddessDoll

Mar 7, 2009

    1. I didn't want to do this one; I guess I did bring it on myself, though.

      Some time ago, due to a bad transaction on my part (the problem was resolved successfully, though) I decided that for some time, I could trust some people and when they bought something from my shop, I would send it to them and they would pay after receiving it. It seems, though, that it had been the wrong course of action.

      GoddessDoll pm'ed me for the first time on the 3rd of December, 2008, saying she wanted to buy a set of clothing from me. She offered to pay asap, but with the aforementioned policy, I stated it would be okay to pay after the items arrived. We agreed on the terms and I sent out the package.

      After that, contact from GoddessDoll was scarce, to finally become none after the 1st of February.

      I have all the PMs from her stating that she owes me money for the items; I also have the document from the post office saying that the items were sent to her address. Seeing as the feedback for this user is not the best, I shouldn't have gotten into this transaction at all; yet I trusted her and it seems I've been wrong.

      If you know GoddessDoll or a way to contact her (she hasn't been on since the first days of February), please point her here. I would like this resolved somehow!
    2. takuya ~ Did this transaction take place on DoA?
    3. Yes, this transaction took place on DoA. I have all the PMs, which were also exchanged here only.
    4. Thanks. Goddessdoll is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum 2FEB09.
    5. I mailed the seller of the clothes and they have not replied to me as yet. I mailed nearly a week ago now.

      (i have not received the items posted i really havent)

      After my previous trouble id never default or wrong anyone again willingly, and i will do all i can to rectify the situation with the seller here, but i have not heard from her at all.

    6. Just to say i have mailed again with still no reply, im not sure what i can do now. I need to work this out with the seller and if she wont reply to me i cant.
    7. GoddessDoll ~ takuya is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum this morning.
    8. We are in communication now x Thank you xx
    9. The delay in replying to GoddessDoll was my fault, admittedly, because I rarely check PMs and something failed me in the e-mail notification system (my mail seemed to find it as spam). We are in contact now, and I confirmed that the items were not received.
      The situation is worked out now. The thread can be closed and marked as resolved ^^

      One word: contact. It's really all you need in a transaction to make it more enjoyable for both parties!