Paging goil - RESOLVED

Jul 9, 2008

    1. back in early May I pmed goil to do face ups for 2 of my boys... they arrived safely to her. she worked on them they were done by the end of May except I didnt like the eyes on one so she redid it and showed me in mid-late june I was really happy with it and approved I assumed she would have mailed it by then but she didnt.. I have been really patient cause I trusted goil. She has done face ups for me before but I have had to PM her during the time to get replies it doesn't bother me cause I know she works too I just want to make sure all is well. On 06.29.08 I got a PM saying if I approved she would mail them back on the next day which was the 30th .. It is now July 9th and I havent seen my boys nor has she contacted me back. I have sent her 3 pms since with no word I asked in her thread if anyone has talked to her I was reassured she is trust worthy and I want to believe that.. I just hope goil is safe and I want my boys heads back so if anyone has had contact with her between June 30th and now or if anyone knows her personally who can tell her please get back to me.
    2. goil has pmed me and emailed me she was MIA due to work she appologized and sent a refund which I wasnt seeking and my boys heads so this is resolved.