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Paging Grace (Ethereal Gumdrops eyes) - RESOLVED

Jul 21, 2009

    1. I'm sorry but I have to report at problematic Preorder with Grace, who make Gumdrops Eyes.

      I'm even more sorry because I'm Grace's french agent for Gumdrops eyes, and usually I do Europeans Gumdrops Preorder on her behalf without any trouble.

      So the facts :
      With the agreement of Grace, I've made a european preorder for Gumdrops late january 09. We had decided to take only 40 pairs so we wouldn't have such delay like it had been the case with the previous preorder.

      I should have received the eyes by April.
      No eyes in April, but an email that she's sorry for being so slow at making eyes, and that the preorder will be shipped out late May...
      In may, nothing, finally, late June after a dozen of emails from me, she contacts me to say she had sent half of the preorder, and was supposed to ship the other half a week after....

      As today, I've received 22 pairs and 18 are missing.

      Since june 25th I have no news at all. I've sent her many emails from various accounts (paypal, ebay, google talk, her personal, the one from gumdrops) and no news. I'm pretty sure she receive them (I've the proof of receipt) but she does not answer me back.

      I don't understand what's going on ! I'm her agent and we've always had been in contact before without troubles. But now we're late July.

      And 6 months to make 40 pairs of eyes it's really too long...
    2. dark_angel ~ As we're sure you're aware, Grace has not been on DoA since October of 2008. She is now in the Unresolved Transaction group. Please keep this thread updated if you have contact or resolution.
    3. Ok I've finally reported Grace to Paypal.

      The report has been closed right away because it doesn't respect the delay of 45 days. *_*
      So I've emailed Paypal with an long explanation, so now we have to wait for their answer.
      I know some have made reports long after the 45days delay and have been listened, can you confirm please ?
    4. Amazing news tonight : I've had news from Grace !!! :smallcake

      I quote her email :
      Grace has been informed of my moving, so she's mail the eyes to my new postal address. As I told everyone previously, I won't have internet from tomorrow, but I'll be able to ship the eyes.
      So no worries !!!!
    5. Grace has send me the 2nd package, 3 pairs are missing which has been finished and send in a thrid package (3th package is currently enroute : got the EMS tracking).

      So I can say happily that everything is allright now, so I think this can be considered as a resolved issue. :)

      Thanks to all !