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Resolved Paging gridbug - RESOLVED

Feb 12, 2011

    1. I have no conflict with gridbug, I'm merely trying to reach them.
      They commissioned me back in the beginning of December and my emails have been seemingly unsuccessful after December the 14th of 2010.

      I'd just like them to know their faceup has been finished since then and I'm just waiting for them to confirm that I can go ahead and ship it back.
    2. gridbug was last on the forum 10FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I can check with the Brisbane group, someone may know, but she was in the Qld flood area so could be having problems with internet access.
    4. I was told by another user she evacuated as well so I've let this sit for a while. Thank you, Hobbysue.
    5. Also tryign to contact Gridbug, no conflict, but my messages both on and off the board haven't been going through, and just wondering on the status of my split parts. Was wondering if anyone had heard from Gridbug?
    6. Just throwing my name in there for the people looking for contact by gridbug regarding a shirt she was to make for me. Haven't heard from her / someone acting on her behalf since December or January. I was told she was evacuated and that was the last I heard, despite her seemingly having been online after I last got an update.
    7. I'm also looking for Gridbug. I really hope she is ok! If someone here knows her and can get her to contact us that would be bomb. Thanks! <3
    8. I'm just putting my name in here, though I'm in no rush for what I'm waiting on from Griddles. (Volks Yotenshi body, which I paid off in Nov/Dec) I was also the person who initially contacted a good chunk of people informing them about her situation. She hasn't been on MSN for quite some time (Maybe since the beginning of Feb, though I was told by another member at some point within this month) and last time I spoke to her she was just recovering (This was the beginning of Feb), and then something happened again. Right now I have no news on her current situation though.
    9. Also, I did email her today asking about her status. I will update this if I do get in contact with her. ^^
    10. Update:
      So Gridbug did respond to me via MSN. From what I've learned she has not been home because her father is very sick and she is his donor for a major organ. She said she'll try to come home during next weekend or the weekend after that and sort everything out, but for now she will still not be in contact.
    11. This is good, I was starting to really wonder. Hadn't heard from her since March 15th, when she said she'd send me some pictures, and it didn't happen. Here's hoping to getting some communication!
    12. I got an email from her today, same information as what Gunter von Christ provided.
    13. Hmmm I didn't get any response... She was online the other day long enough for me to poke her before she jumped off aim. I'm gonna shoot her an email, I know she's busy with family emergencies, but so am I and i
      I'm moving soon, and might be out of Internet for a while so I'd like to get it straightened and shipped before that happens...
    14. Okay, got an email, everything's okay on my end. Apologizing again, really, no beef with Gridbug, I'm just paranoid, really x.x *thumbs up*
    15. My body has been shipped! :3
    16. Please update - everyone - when you feel your issue has been resolved. Thanks!
    17. I have received my body. I consider this resolved~
    18. I got my armor, all is well and good for me! <33333 Resolved on my end.
    19. I sent another email at the beginning of this month and received a reply. So it seems a resolution is in the works on my end. I will update again when all is resolved.
    20. Just a quick update- gridbug disappeared again after my last update.

      She said in her last email that she had sent the shirt a while ago and since I did not receive it, it must be lost, and that she was making a replacement. That was early last month.

      I have sent 2 more emails, asking for any update, and have received no reply. At this point, I've just about given up on ever seeing my shirt. It was only a small amount of money to lose, but a loss is still a loss. Still hoping to hear from her with an update, or even to just receive my shirt, but I will not hold my breath.