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paging gunbunny - RESOLVED

May 4, 2008

    1. you've stopped replying to my pms, so sadly i feel i need to be posting negative feed back to you, you siad my items i commisioned would be sent out on the 5th of march. it's now may and i paid you in january. :(

      i felt i was very understanding and pateine with all the reason you gave me of why you hadn't sent them yet, but still.

      i'd really like a refund or for you to send me the plushies. i'd still very much like the plushies over the refund, but if you feel that sending them can not happen please refund me the $70.

      this makes me very sad cause our first transaction went so well with the toy guns.
    2. Gunbunny hasn't been checking the forums, as I understand it. But when I sent an email directly I got a response a few monutes later and as it was, my items were in the mail and arrived the next day.

      There is a link to Gunbunny's email in their profile. I suggest you try to contact them directly through that, instead of on the forums here.

      Good luck
    3. thank you very much.
    4. I commissioned Gunbunny for a pair of pants on 3/5.

      Last I heard from her was on 4/10 and she promised to send pictures, I pmed her a few times and she hasn't been online since 4/24 (23-25 around those days). I never got any pictures.

      Today I finally got a response from her, and she said she's sending the commission out tomorrow.

      I've been very patient with all of this, since I can understand the situation. But I'm just sad there's been a lack of communication for like 3-4 weeks?
      Gunbunny is a really sweet girl and I mean no harm to her, I hope she manages to solve her problems, but please remember your costumers.

      I'm hoping the pants arrive soon.

      kuraiangels: Did you manage to contact her today? She sent me a pm today. She said if she needed to be contacted that email is the best way.
    5. sent an e-mail, still no reply :(. it makes me so sad.
    6. 5/21 and I've yet to receive the pants I commissioned from Gunbunny.
    7. 5/21 yet to recieve another message or item from gunbunny. :(
    8. 5/21 I pmed her
      5/22 emailed her

      Gunbunny has not been online since 5/5

      I'm getting really really frustrated.
    9. My emails/pms have yet to be answered.

      I've sent her a PM and an email today 5/27.

      I want a full refund.
    10. i'm in the same boat. this is depressing. :(
    11. I just got this reply to my email address from Gunbunny:

      Hello! I'm terribly sorry! I got sent to job corps. so I haven't been able to do anything, I wasn't even allowed to bring my sewing machine. But I will send you the tracking number tomorrow. I'm super sorry!

      Oh, if you can, there's a woman I sold plush commissions to, she posted a paging thread, but since I'm not home, now I'm really limited to the internet. But if you could let her know I'm trying to get the insurance money off of her package. I sent that but it came up missing, it's still says it was just picked up at the PO and I sent it out a while ago(like at least a month ago) But I'm trying to collect the insurance money so I can give her her refund.

      Thanks! And sorry again!

    12. thanks for telling me that. i hope she keeps to it.
    13. I emailed her back, I'm waiting for a response.
    14. No response from Gunbunny yet and I have not received the pants (she said she would email tracking no. still waiting for it)
      Emailing her again now, I want a refund.
    15. same nothing here. never a reply to any pm or e-mail . :( no refund nothing.
    16. Still no responses, no item, no refund.
      I have sent yet another email in hopes of finally recovering my money or something.
    17. i wish she would just send something. a e-mail reply anything.
    18. Nothing from Gunbunny yet.
    19. same still, no replies to e-mails or pms.
    20. still heard nothing from her, nor a refund. :(