Paging Hachi

Aug 9, 2008

    1. Hello,

      I'm just looking for backup with a transation I have been working on with Hachi for a number of months now. There may or may not be a problem but I am growing suspicious.

      I bought a DIM Lloyd from Hachi through the marketplace on an extended layaway that began late this spring. Hachi was very kind, very friendly and very communicative through most of the process... I considered myself lucky, since it was my first purchase on DoA, not to mention my first doll. I completed payment at the end of June/beginning of July. For my part, my final payment was delayed due to the fact that I lost my job unexpectedly. I was not about to be too anal about ship dates because Hachi was very understanding.

      From that point on I had barely any contact from her... I sent her several PMs, as did my friend eva_tsukino, who will be picking up the package on my behalf. Neither of us has heard a word from her since July 24th. We have since sent her about five PMs between us. Before that she hadn't contacted me since June 30th. Apparently her absence was due to a vacation, but she had been on the forum almost every other day throughout that period.

      She promised early in the process to send a tracking number and any other information once the doll was in the mail.... But having not recieved this info nor any response to our PMs, my friend and I decided to put up a page request.

      I truly hope this is all some kind of confusion, or that it is a case of doll-things coming second to life circumstances. I had been quite impressed and pleased with Hachi up until a month ago. I don't wish any bad blood, I am only concerned. I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible.
    2. Hachi is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hachi just messaged me this morning to say that I would have a tracking number by tuesday/wednesday.... I would rather not submit a status of resolved until I have the tracking number in hand. Thanks for the help though Mod Squad!
    4. Alright, I was promised a tracking number by wednesday, it is now sunday and I havent heard a word. Hachi is either extremely busy, or she is jerking me along until the 45 day paypal refund period passes.
    5. PS: forgot to add... she hasn't been on since the 13th of August.... not good business practice, but I cant do a damn thing.
    6. I sent the dispute this afternoon. The only problem is now I am past the 45 days for most of my payments. If I have to take this to full-on paypal action, though, I have records of all my payments. Hopefully they will be able to see that this is one purchase over many weeks, not many different purchases.
    7. Hey mods, Hachi still has not written me back. It has been an age. I have filed a Paypal dispute and I have not heard any new info from you guys. Could you please try to get a hold of her again for me??? This is getting very serious.

      I have emailed her asking for my money back. I am almost certain now that we have a new scammer on our hands. Please back me up a little bit more on this, okay guys? I don't mean to overpost on the same subject but I cannot afford to just lose this money. I am a university student with a low-paying part-time job.... all I wanted was my first dollfie after 6 years of loving them, following them and saving for one. This is heartbreaking for me. I need backup.

      Thanks so much.
    8. Hachi has been Being Paged and has now been moved into the Unresolved Transaction group. You do not need to begin multiple Paging threads and to be completely clear - the mods aren't getting hold of this member - we are putting her in a group where she can see she has negative feedback when she returns to the board. She was last on the forum 18AUG. We agree that this is a very serious breach of Marketplace trust - please keep this thread updated!
    9. By recommendation of Paypal, I have now escalated my dispute to a claim. I still have yet to hear from Alba. Just thought I should keep you updated.
    10. What is the current status on this situation now?
    11. Paypal found in my favour, but couldnt refund ANY of my money because it "wasnt in Alba's account". I am really, really mad about this. Paypal is supposed to be BETTER than credit cards for protection.... and now I am not going to even get one red cent from this criminal? I wrote a very angry letter to Paypal... and am wondering if I shouldnt push for legal action.