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Paging Paging Haine -suspected theft and will not reply

Apr 17, 2011

    1. I am trying to reach the user Haine.

      Back in late January, early February, we had a transaction going with my volks school B head. She paid for it through paypal, but we had to get some shipping things worked out. Eventually, she asked if I would wait to send it until she sent me some eyes that she ordered because I am in America and she is not- she wanted the eyes sent to me so that I could send the eyes and the head together.

      Here's where things went downhill- I took MUCH too long to send her the head, and our contact back and forth got sparse on both sides. I take full responsibility for taking too long, but I made sure not to spend any of the money before the head was in her hands. After several weeks, I had to go out of town, so I had my stepdad send the head. Very soon (maybe a day) after he sent it, we got a paypal message from Haine asking for a refund and that we should not send the head if we hadn't already. I was fine with this as I realized I had tried her patience and was irresponsible. However, we had already sent the head to her.

      I told her to simply wait until she got the head, then we could work out the means of shipping it back to me and I would give her a refund when I got the tracking number.

      She told me that she would feel better getting a refund before sending the head back.
      I complied, and granted her a refund through paypal. I have not heard from her since and have tried multiple ways of contacting her with no success.

      I realize that I was irresponsible with how long I took to send the head, but now I have neither the head, nor the money. I don't know what to do about it.

      She will not reply to me, so if anyone has heard from her, I want this to be worked out so that I don't have to take a big loss, but I'm not hopeful. I would be happy with either the money or the head returned to me.

      Her last contact to me was on March 19th.
    2. Haine was last on the forum 24MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Please update this thread as to resolution.
    4. I realize its been a long time coming, but I tried for a while to contact Haine, and never heard back from her after she took both the money and the head. I felt pretty burned and left the hobby for a while. This issue was never resolved.
    5. Haine was last on Den of Angels 6JAN and has never read this thread.

      Have you tried sending a PM to her recently using a 'read-receipt' to show if she has read it on the forum?
    6. I haven't tried that. I'm not sure what good contacting her would do, as it appears to me that she did this intentionally. There was open communication between us before this issue.