Resolved Paging Haruko - RESOLVED

Jan 13, 2008

    1. I commissioned Haruko for my Chiwoo's faceup in November. She's had my doll's head for 2+ months now, and I've had the worst time contacting her. She Pm'd me once over a month ago telling me that my doll's faceup was almost done, and she would be taking pictures and sending them to me soon. Since then I have heard nothing, and I have tried everything to get in touch with her. I want my doll back! :evil:
    2. I am in the middle of a long, drawn out faceup commission and haven't heard ANYTHING. I need to know if you're ever giving my doll back. :x
    3. That member is currently on the board at this moment.
    4. This matter has been resolved. I am very happy with his faceup, even if the communication was bad.